What an Agency can OFFER Surrogates

While being a surrogate may seem straightforward, there are several reasons why you might consider working with a surrogacy agency, even if you have prior experience. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Screening: A reputable surrogacy agency has experience in matching intended parents with surrogates and can thoroughly screen both parties. They can identify any potential “red flags” or concerns that you may not recognize as a surrogate due to your eagerness to help. This screening process helps protect you from unforeseen issues and ensures a better match.
  2. Security: Surrogacy agencies often establish escrow accounts where the intended parents’ full compensation is deposited upon contract signing. This ensures that your payment is secure and disbursed to you as scheduled. The agency can also handle medical reimbursements, saving you from the burden of requesting and tracking payments from the intended parents.
  3. Advocacy: An agency acts as a mediator between you and the intended parents throughout the surrogacy journey. If you have any concerns or difficulties that you don’t feel comfortable discussing directly with the intended parents, the agency can step in and address those issues on your behalf. They prioritize your best interests and can provide guidance and support during any changes or complications that may arise.
  4. Advice: Surrogacy agencies have extensive experience and expertise in navigating the surrogacy process. They can offer valuable advice and guidance based on their knowledge and the experiences of their team members. You won’t have to face challenges or questions alone, as the agency can provide support and share resources to help you throughout the journey.
  5. Resources: Surrogacy agencies have established connections with professionals in the field, such as attorneys, fertility clinics, reproductive endocrinologists, therapists, and OB/GYNs. They can provide recommendations based on their firsthand experience, ensuring you and the intended parents have access to reliable and trustworthy services. Relying solely on a Google search may not yield the best results when dealing with such an important and complex process.
  6. Coordination: Agencies handle various logistical aspects, including appointment scheduling, travel arrangements, and lodging coordination. They ensure you have a clear plan and support you throughout the pregnancy, reducing stress and allowing you to focus on enjoying the experience without worrying about the details.
  7. Cost savings: Even if you have independently matched with intended parents, working with a surrogacy agency can help you and the intended parents avoid potential pitfalls and save money. Agencies often offer services at lower fees for independent matches, allowing you to benefit from their expertise while still supporting the intended parents financially.

In summary, surrogacy agencies provide valuable services such as screening, security, advocacy, advice, resources, coordination, and cost savings. While you may have prior experience as a surrogate, partnering with an agency can enhance the overall surrogacy journey and ensure a smoother and more successful outcome for everyone involved.


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