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We are honored you are considering surrogacy through Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions as an option to build your family. If you have made it this far and you are ready to get started, we are very excited to be assisting you through this process.

To have your profile presented to surrogate applicants, please complete and summit the online application. Please note, our agency is only able to match intended parents who are established at a fertility clinic as a patient, have embryos ready, and a combined age of 100 or below.

The "Intended Parent Application" process is broken into two sections.

  1. Confidential Information – This information is provided only to our agency for our reference in the matching process. Please note that no identifying information, other than your first names and city/state of residence, will be shared with potential surrogates/gestational carriers.
  2. Intended Parent(s) Profile – This will be provided to potential carriers in the matching process.

It is important to complete this in its entirety so it accurately reflects you and your heart in moving forward.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Take your time completing the matching questions. These are key to finding the right Surrogate/Gestational Carrier for your family.
  2. Details matter. Please do not overlook any questions or feel like you’re sharing too much. We want to present potential Surrogates/Gestational Carriers that best fit your needs to aid in matching you with a compatible Surrogate/Gestational Carrier.
  3. In the "Additional Information" please share about yourself and your family. Be positive!

Please reach out to our office if you have any questions as you complete the Intended Parent Application.

Please remember, we DO NOT accept any fees from you until we have officially matched you with a specific Surrogate/Gestational Carrier. We, of course, hope you find your Surrogate/Gestational Carrier with us at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, but if you do not, we want to ensure you can move forward elsewhere.

We look forward to serving you soon!

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