Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions: WE Are Here to SERVE You

Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions was established by a former gestational carrier with a passion to help create happy families. We saw a need for a program that focused on education, a unique way of matching, and the need for comprehensive support & guidance through the entire journey. We continue to serve families and gestational carriers by providing a fulfilling experience through meaningful relationships, education, and guidance on their journey. As former Surrogates and Intended Parents, we know what both sides are looking for in their journey:

  • Education
    • We help Intended Parents decide if Surrogacy is the next right step for them.
    • If it is, we guide and educate them through the entire process: escrow, legal, insurance, transfer, pregnancy, and delivery.
  • Quality Match
    • We consider the experience and preferences Intended Parents and Surrogates are both looking for and factor that in when matching both parties.
    • Some preferences we take into consideration are marital status, gender, location, education, profession, and religion.
  • Provide Support and Guidance
    • We are here to ensure each part of the process goes as smooth as possible.
    • We want Intended Parents and Surrogates to sit back and relax, knowing that we know everything that is required and will set everything up for them

Read what one Intended Mother had to say about her Experience

"My husband and I wish Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions would have been our first stop!! We knew surrogacy would be a difficult journey but did not realize how difficult. We tried looking for a surrogate through a family member which only ended in family mayhem. Then, we tried an agency which was twice as expensive, and again we were met with disappointment and heart ache. By the time we contacted Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions our hearts were very tired. We needed a completely new path that would give us hope, support and most of all positive RESULTS. From the moment we contacted Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions , we were met with kindness, understanding and a plan for success. At first, we were a little nervous that the ED&SS Team was not located in the Houston area but that turned out to be a very non-issue, because our coordinator was available for every appointment and readily available for questions via phone or email. We immediately began working with our coordinator on a plan that met our needs. We interviewed several surrogates before finding the perfect one. The ED&SS Team made sure we had options and did not just make a hasty decision which is easy to do when you are ready to get started. Once we picked our perfect surrogate, Angel, our coordinator scheduled counseling sessions for all of us. We were able to determine our expectations for the pregnancy in counseling (this step is more important than I ever imagined). She helped us work with an attorney to develop a contract and has managed the financial portion of the agreement, so we do not to discuss monetary issues with our surrogate. She is wonderful about checking in and giving us 'next step' instructions. I am proud and happy to say we are now expecting a baby boy. Our little baby bug is due November 30th. Although, we are very hopeful he will be home by Thanksgiving. Our hearts are full of joy today, and it all started with the team at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions. I write this testimonial today with tears of joy and excitement. To our coordinator, thank you for helping to complete our family. You have truly been a blessing!!"

We realize that the road through this surrogacy process can be challenging to navigate and Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions is here to provide quality care and attention to detail to make this part of your journey as smooth as possible. We are here to SERVE you! Contact us to begin your journey.