Managing the Costs of Surrogacy

We understand this process is expensive, and want to limit the cost you incur as much as possible. There are a few ways to make this experience more cost-effective.

  • Viewing surrogate profile(s) is free.
  • Before we ask you to sign a contract or pay a deposit, you will be able to view a surrogate's profiles (maybe few), have a match meeting with her, and officially select her.
  • When you select a surrogate, we do not collect our full agency fee upfront. Instead, we collect an initial deposit, and the final agency payment is not due until your surrogate is confirmed pregnant.
  • We offer a discount to clients who are active military, veterans,  and teachers (primary and secondary educators).
  • We also offer a unique ''Fr-amily'' agency option or a discount to clients who bring their own carrier to Surrogate Solutions.

For more information about financial options for intended parents, see our financing page or contact us.

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Estimated Costs of Surrogacy

Professional Fee

Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions' Agency Fee: $35,000 (Domestic)
$40,000 (International)
Legal Fees: $3,500 – $10,000
3rd Party Escrow Management Fee (included in Agency Fee): $0
Psychological Evaluation for Surrogate: $700 – $1,000
Psychological Evaluation for Intended Parents: $350 – $500
Joint Psychological Session: $175 – $350
Counseling with a Mental Health Professional*: $300 – $750

*Many Gestational Agreements include a stipulation that you, or your Surrogate, might need additional professional support throughout the Surrogacy Journey. These funds are rarely used. However, your Surrogate will have the ability to use them when/if the need arises.

Surrogate Compensation, Fees & Expenses

Surrogate Base Compensation (Fees vary depending on experience & insurance): $45,000 – $55,000 +
Start of Cycle Compensation: $5,000
Embryo Transfer Fee: $1,000
Maternity Clothes: $500 – $1,000
Monthly Allowance for Surrogate: $200/month
Medical Insurance Premium for Surrogate:* $15,000 – $30,000
GC Accidental Death Policy with Organ Rider (included in Agency Fee): $710 +
Travel, lost wages, & childcare (for medical screening, IVF transfer, etc.): $1,000 – $3,000 ESTIMATED

Additional Fees (depending on Gestational Carrier and State)

Multiples Fee: $5,000 – $10,000 per fetus
Invasive Procedures (Amniocentesis, D&C, etc.): $500
Termination/Selective Reduction: $1,000
C-Section Fee: $3,000 – $5,000
Loss of Fallopian Tube Fee: $1,500
ERA/Mock Cycle/Canceled Cycle Fee: $300 – $500
If on bed rest: Mileage, Childcare, Housekeeping, Lost Wages & Disability Insurance (if needed): $1,500 – $7,500 ESTIMATED
Medical Expenses not covered by insurance: $3,000 – $15,000 ESTIMATED

Estimated Total Cost of Surrogacy (without egg donor)

$150,000 – $180,000+

The above expenses may be higher or lower in every situation. Each case is different. These figures are only intended to give you a general idea of the cost of surrogacy. Fees vary based on your clinic and the surrogate you choose to work with.

IVF Clinic and Medication Fee

Estimated IVF Primary Clinic Fees: $20,000 – $35,000

Estimated IVF Medications for Gestational Carrier: $3,500 – $5,000

Please note, this is only an estimate for the surrogate. Please consult your physician for a more accurate fee schedule.

Surrogate Legal Fees

Legal fees will be between you and your legal representative. Your surrogate will require separate legal representation during contracts so both parties are equally cared for. Total legal fees may be as high as $10,000. These fees are separate and in addition to fees of Surrogate Solutions.

Medical Fees

These fees are between you and the medical provider. The intended parents are responsible for all medical expenses related to the pregnancy that are incurred by the gestational carrier throughout the surrogacy process. Please note that the surrogate’s health insurance may not cover surrogacy. If surrogacy is covered, the insurance is customarily not billed until the surrogate is under the care of her OB/GYN at ten to 12 weeks gestation. Plan to pay cash throughout the entire process while the surrogate is being seen at the fertility clinic. These fees are separate and in addition to fees of Surrogate Solutions.

*(A surrogacy insurance plan must be purchased if the Surrogate has no policy or has a surrogacy exclusion on her current plan. This may not include the deductible or medical costs not covered by insurance.)

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