Surro Sisters on a Sibling Journey

There is an old African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Some must take less traditional paths to build their family and realize that sometimes it takes a village to bring a child into one’s life. In surrogacy, this is the case; women help women and families to have a child. Two examples of these very special women are Amber and Debi. Early on, they decided they wanted to fulfill another family’s dream. For both, becoming a surrogate was not a difficult decision.

For Debi it began when her best friend struggled to get pregnant, they talked about her becoming her surrogate. Her friend ultimately conceived on her own, and this plan never materialized. However, in later months, a man that Debi had attended college with mentioned working with Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions after he needed a surrogate. On that night, while lying in bed, she realized she was ready to see what was involved in surrogacy and how she could help.

Amber was led to surrogacy as two of her friends were experiencing fertility challenges. While neither of her friends needed to proceed, she said she was already invested and began looking into agencies. Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions was introduced to her by another Surro Sister (women who become surrogates often refer to each other using this term).

Debi and Amber are true Surro Sisters but with a twist. A sibling surrogacy journey was completed by Debi and Amber. A sibling surrogacy journey refers to a journey that takes place after the first surrogacy journey has been completed. However, the couple is now eager to start a second one to have a sibling for their child.

It was Amber who carried the first child for what many consider an exceptional family. Using Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, Amber and the family were matched. In Amber’s own words, this match was nothing short of incredible. Almost immediately, she and the family forged an unbreakable bond and became good friends.  She describes it as a wonderful experience from beginning to end. However, unfortunately, Amber learned shortly after giving birth that she would not be able to carry another pregnancy. Not only was this disappointing for Amber but also for the family as they knew in the future, they wanted a sibling for their child.

It wasn’t long until the family decided to give their little one a brother or sister. As a result, the family turned to Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions once again. Knowing that Amber could not carry for them they were nervous as they had a certain level of comfort already formed. However, they were fortunate to quickly find a match in Debi, a woman they knew would be ideal for carrying their second child. Amber, however, was not left out of this experience.  Having experienced such closeness on their first journey together, the Intended Mom contacted Amber about her upcoming journey. Amber explains that at first, she thought “Am I going to feel like the crazy ex-girlfriend?” That was not what happened, in fact, far from it is how the situation unfolded. As a matter of fact, Amber, Debi, and the Intended Mom became great friends over the course of time. As a whole, they wound up starting a group chat, sharing stories and milestones, giving advice, and even attending the baby shower for this new little one together. These three women shared a very personal and intimate story that only a small number of people can relate to.

Both Debi and Amber expressed that attending the baby shower together was by far the best part of the whole experience. This was such an incredible opportunity and seeing how grateful these people were for what we were able to do, both family and friends, was such a joy. Of course, the shower itself was also beautiful. However, the mere ability to connect with each other although from different parts of the country gave us all so much joy. We are fortunate that we can continue to communicate today. When women come together, fabulous things can happen.

For those who are considering surrogacy, Amber offered some advice: Make sure you do a lot of research, engage in a lot of discussions, and involve yourself in the surrogacy community. You will need to have hard discussions with your spouse, partner, family, and/or support people regarding how this journey will fit into your lives, what it will look like, and how it will affect your lives in general (it will be a big sacrifice, but one that is seriously worth it!). Support is a huge aspect of the process, as it cannot be done alone. In conclusion, Ambers says that one of the things she loved about Surrogate Solutions from the get-go was the sisterhood and the unending support from both fellow surrogates and the Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions team – something that was an integral part of her journey from the beginning!

Finding the right agency will lead to finding the right surrogate to fit your needs and your comfort so you, too, can have a happy ending.



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