The Questions to Ask When Choosing a Surrogacy Agency

Once intended parents have decided to turn to surrogacy to have a child, they usually select a surrogacy agency to act as their guide in this journey. But finding a surrogacy agency isn’t always an easy task, with many factors contributing to the parent’s decision. Here are several key factors intended parents should consider when selecting their agency:

  1. Location. Where an agency is located is something that parents should consider. Many intended parents value being able to sit down face-to-face on an as-needed basis. Other intended parents are comfortable having an agency guide their journey from another city—or state. If intended parents are considering working with an agency that isn’t in their hometown, they should ask the agency how the pregnancy will be managed from afar.
  2. Experience and Reputation. An agency that has been helping intended parents for years will have a wealth of experience and a track record. An agency’s experience can attest to their knowledge and ability to work with intended parents and surrogates. But intended parents should also consider the agency’s reputation. Conduct research and do your homework to see what previous surrogates and intended parents have to say; this may be an indication of how your surrogate pregnancy might be handled.
  3. Communication. Does the agency have strict “availability hours?” If so, run! Babies—and pregnancies don’t adhere to set schedules, so intended parents should work with an agency that has an “always available” approach. If an issue arises during the weekend, intended parents want peace of mind that their agency will be there to assist them in their time of need. This communication factor also applies to how the agency communicates with the intended parents. Are they open, inviting, and forth-coming? Intended parents need to be able to trust that the agency will be honest and communicate about all issues as they arise.
  4. Making the right match. All intended parents and surrogates complete a detailed profile that includes a variety of questions to help facilitate successful matches. We encourage you to be thoughtful and thorough in your responses so potential surrogates can get to know you through your profile. The matching process goes both ways – you have to choose her, and she has to choose you.
  5. Legal Support. All surrogate pregnancies have legal ramifications, and if your agency is experienced in working through these legal concerns, they can make daunting legal issues manageable. Agencies who have been assisting intended parents for years usually have a wealth of knowledge and legal connections to make this process as easy as possible.
  6. Flexibility. Every gestational surrogate pregnancy is unique—for both the surrogate and the intended parents. It is important to work with an agency that can be flexible to your individual needs so the pregnancy is a positive and healthy experience for everyone.

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Surrogate Solutions has been working with intended parents and surrogates for many years. We pride ourselves on being available on an as-needed basis; building lasting relationships with both our surrogates and intended parents. Please browse our testimonials and contact us today, and explore how surrogacy may be an option for you.



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