Books Celebrating Inclusivity and Families with Same-Sex Parents

Over the years, we have matched many same-sex couples with compatible egg donors and surrogates to create happy families. In honor of Pride Month, we want to celebrate these families and continue to support them on their parenting journey by providing helpful resources. In this article, we share
several book recommendations for families with two dads.

Books that help explain surrogacy and egg donation

The Baby Kangaroo Treasure Hunt, A Gay Parenting Story
By Carmen Martinez Jover
A sweet children’s story of how two kangaroos, Jack and Sam, a gay couple, have their own baby by means of an egg donor and surrogacy. Using kangaroos in the story enables children to easily understand the methods related to their conception in a simple and loving way.

Happy Together, a two-dad egg donation and surrogacy story
By Julie Marie
Happy Together, a two-dad egg donation and surrogacy story, is a heartwarming book to help share the family-building story with a young child. A story told through clear language and cheerful watercolor illustrations, readers will join Dada and Daddy Bear on a journey to fulfill their greatest wish of becoming parents.

Gal and Noa’s Daddies
By Shosh Pinkas
Noa and Gal have two fathers, Itai and Yoav. They call them by their nicknames, Daddy-Yo and Daddy-I. Noa and Gal were born to gay parents through a process called surrogacy, with the help of two special women that enabled the arrival of the twins into the world. This unique book shares the story of many same-sex families around the world. Gal and Noa’s Daddies describes in a simple, clear, and humorous way, without any apologies, a loving and caring same-sex family.

Why I’m so Special: A Book About Surrogacy With Two Daddies
By Carla Lewis-Long
This book tackles a very difficult, complicated subject in a sweet, whimsical way. It is a lighthearted picture book on surrogacy with two daddies. The book is a story that all parents who used a surrogate may share with their young children to let them know just how special they are. This story is ultimately about hope, perseverance, and lots of love.

The 2 boys who wanted to become daddies: A surrogacy story
By Sylvain Pappalardo Pascal Kerbel
The story gently guides the reader through the love of the parents and their desire to have a child, the surrogate’s decision-making process, the egg donation, the pregnancy, and the resulting baby that is then given back to the biological parents. When two boys wish to have a baby, it takes a fabulous recipe and an amazing adventure to gather three treasures. Follow them on their exciting journey to create a magical family.

Books celebrating inclusivity and families with same-sex parents

Love Makes a Family
By Sophie Beer
Love is baking a special cake. Love is lending a helping hand. Love is reading one more book. In this exuberant board book, many different families are shown in happy activity, from an early-morning wake-up to a kiss before bed. Whether a child has two moms, two dads, one parent, or one of each, this simple preschool read-aloud demonstrates that what’s most important in each family’s life is the love the family members share.

A Family is A Family Is a Family
By Sara O’Leary

When a teacher asks the children in her class to think about what makes their families special, the answers are all different in many ways — but the same in the one way that matters most of all. One child is worried that her family is just too different to explain but listens as her classmates talk about what makes their families special. One is raised by a grandmother, and another has two dads. One is full of stepsiblings, and another has a new baby. As her classmates describe who they live with and who loves them — families of every shape, size, and every kind of relation — the child realizes that as long as her family is full of caring people, her family is special.

Daddy, Papa, and Me
y Lesléa Newman
Rhythmic text and illustrations with universal appeal show a toddler spending the day with its daddies. From hide-and-seek to dress-up, then bath time and a kiss goodnight, there’s no limit to what a loving family can do together.

Stella Brings the Family
By Miriam B. Schiffer
Stella’s class is having a Mother’s Day celebration, but what’s a girl with two daddies to do? It’s not that she doesn’t have someone who helps her with her homework or tucks her in at night. Stella has her Papa and Daddy who take care of her, and a whole gaggle of other loved ones who make her feel special and supported every day. She just doesn’t have a mom to invite to the party. Fortunately, Stella finds a unique solution to her party problem in this sweet story about love, acceptance, and the true meaning of family.

My Two Dads and Me
By Michael Joosten
Families with same-sex parents are celebrated in this board book that follows busy dads and their kids throughout their day – eating breakfast, getting dressed, heading out to the park, and settling back in at night with a bubble bath and a goodnight lullaby. LGBTQ+ parents and their friends and families will welcome this inclusive and cheerful book that reflects their own lives and family makeup.


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