Intended Parent’s Involvement in a Surrogate Pregnancy

Intended Parents face many decisions once they commit to the journey down the road of surrogacy. The decision to partner with a Surrogate comes with concerns about how the pregnancy itself (and the relationship with the surrogate) will be handled. This can feel extremely personal and might be the hardest part of the journey. 

Once Intended Parents have decided to move forward with surrogacy as their choice to create their happy family and they have been matched with a Surrogate, the first question is normally ‘How involved will we be with the Surrogate during the pregnancy?’ The answer to that specific question is almost too simple – it’s entirely up to the parents.  You can be with your Surrogate every step of the way, including her appointments at the IVF clinic, OB appointments, to even attending birthing classes together. Every journey is unique in its own way, here are some featured stories. 

Some intended parents find that building a relationship with their Surrogate takes time, depending on the individual comfort levels and desires of everyone involved. We have found that many surrogates are eager to build a close bond with the intended parents because they realize how important it is to the intended parents to be included in the pregnancy journey.  Many surrogates and intended parents maintain lifelong friendships and keep in contact throughout the child’s life. 

Alternatively, some Surrogates and Intended Parents prefer a relatively low level of contact and do not necessarily desire a close relationship. Some opt for only occasional updates and phone calls; oftentimes this is a result of location and physical distance. Because of these very different and personal scenarios, it is important that the Intended Parents and Surrogate discuss what would be a desirable level of contact throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. What is decided is not set in stone, and it can change over time.  

Surrogate Solutions understands the sensitive nature of it all and will take the Intended Parents and Surrogate’s thoughts, feelings, and wishes into consideration. Surrogate Solutions acts as your go-between with the surrogate throughout the entire surrogacy journey.  If you have any concerns you don’t feel comfortable bringing up directly to your surrogate, Surrogate Solutions will step in and address those concerns for you. We will always have the baby’s and your interests at heart.


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