Questions Intended Parents have about Delivery Day…

As intended parents, delivery day is the pinnacle of your surrogacy journey.  We understand you may have questions surrounding the logistics of this special day, so we have tried to answer these questions for you below.

Will I be able to make the delivery in time?

This is a great conversation to have with your surrogate.  You will want to know at what stage she delivered her own children.  Was she early? Late? Induced?

It is also a great idea to start communication about delivery when your surrogate has her OB appointments between 34 and 37 weeks.  The OB will check her at these visits to determine how far dilated she might be, and this will give you a better idea as to when baby might arrive.  Keep in mind, though, that some women can be 3cm dilated for weeks!

Have your bags packed!

Bring outfits for the baby in a variety of sizes as you never really know how big or small they will be until they are born.  Keep in mind that most hospitals will take newborn photos, so have an outfit in mind for these pictures if this is something you may want to purchase.

Wear comfy clothes and bring a few spare outfits if traveling. Our Coordinators always suggests to bring nice, soft towels and slippers in case you plan to shower at the hospital.  Also, don’t forget toiletries, chargers, snacks, cash (for meals or parking), games, or a good book.  You may want something to do while your surrogate is in labor.

While the hospital will provide formula & diapers, if you plan on bringing in breastmilk, make sure you discuss this with your coordinator, as we will need to discuss the hospital policies.

Be sure and also have your car seat installed prior to arrival.  Germ covers are not required, but they are a nice consideration.

Make sure you bring your ID, PBO (legal documents), health insurance card, and any important documents.  If you are travelling, make sure you bring some formula & bottles for the way home.

What happens when the surrogate is in labor?

Leave all of your items in the car, even the car seat! Head to the Labor & Deliver unit and check in. The staff will give you wrist bands and you may need to sign some documents. You will move to your own room after baby arrives, and at that time, you can bring in your items. You will likely be in the hospital 24-48 hours.  You will be able to leave as soon as released by the pediatrician. If you plan on a circumcision, discuss this with your coordinator & find out the hospital policy unless you prefer to go to your pediatrician.

What if I miss the actual labor?

It does happen sometimes.  Babies have their own timing!  If you miss the delivery, you will still go to the Labor and Delivery unit when you arrive to the hospital and the staff will check you in.  They will give you directions on where you will need to go at that time.

We’re discharged! What now?

Many new parents stay at an Airbnb for a few days to adjust to having a newborn.  Other parents head right home. Only you know what is right for your new family.  If you are driving, plan on making some stops along the way to change & feed the baby.

If you are flying, you could wear a baby carrier on the plane (TSA Tips) or bring them in their covered carrier. You will also want to contact the airline to find out their newborn travel policy & travel documents required. Typically, you will need are your release forms from the hospital & the pre-birth order paperwork from your attorney (You will not have your birth certificate yet). Again, have bottles ready for your voyage home.  You will also want to make sure you call your insurance and add baby to your insurance as you only have 30 days to do so.

Our entire agency wants to thank you for allowing us to guide you on the journey to parenthood. We are so excited for you & your growing family. We cannot wait to hear all about the delivery & see your baby in your arms.


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