Ideas for Helping Your Surrogate During (and Right After) Embryo Transfer

Surrogates endure a lot physically during the process of becoming pregnant. Immediately following embryo transfer is a critical time for both the Surrogate and Intended Parents. One of the last steps in the journey to become pregnant is the embryo transfer. It is both exciting and a time of heightened emotion and anticipation for all involved. Oftentimes, the Surrogate is asked to bed rest the day of transfer and to keep things low activity the following days. Even with bed rest, there is no 100% guarantee that a pregnancy will occur. Intended Parents can do a few things to help the Surrogate and her family relax, feel comfortable, and stress-free for the few days following the transfer.
Here are a few ideas: 
Meal delivery. Some Intended Parents have sent a home-cooked or restaurant-purchased meal to their Surrogate and her family during the 72 hours following the embryo transfer. This thoughtful gesture can be extremely helpful for Surrogates who have traveled for the transfer and are staying at a hotel in an unfamiliar area. It is also a welcomed and appreciated gift for Surrogates who are able to stay near home as well. 
Children’s activities. Since some Surrogates are asked to remain on strict bed rest for a period of time following the embryo transfer, another thoughtful gesture is providing some activities for her children. A new game, toy, movie, or even a tub of Play-Doh can provide a few hours of entertainment for small children. Surrogates will be concerned about their children during this time, and knowing they are having fun can help keep her relaxed.  Care packages. Another easy gesture is to send a care package. Bed rest can be challenging, and since it is important for her to remain relaxed during this period of post-transfer recovery, a care package could be helpful. A care package could include books to read, DVDs, journals, games, brainteasers, blankets, slippers and maybe even a card letting her know how much you appreciate the gift she is giving are all great ideas. Some other ideas include mints, ChapSticks, reusable water bottles, or even a gift card to stream movies, music, podcasts, download books, etc. 

Helping keep your Surrogate and her family comfortable, and relaxed, during the downtime is a vital part of this exciting milestone on your journey together. This helps reassure your Surrogate of your appreciation for the joyous gift she is providing you. Helping her out with some of these little things can be the greatest gift you can provide her during this rest time. 

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