Helping LGBTQ+ Intended Parents Create Their Families Through Surrogacy

Written by: Hillary Redwine

At Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, we consider it a privilege to help create families and are committed to working with intended parents from all walks of life, including the LGBTQ+ community.

“About 20 percent of the intended parents who use our services for egg donation and gestational surrogacy are same-sex couples or LGBTQ+ individuals,” says Executive Director Katy Encalade. “We are honored to support them on their journey to parenthood and are humbled when they choose us to help them create their families.”

Armando and Luis are one of the couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and we are delighted to feature them for Pride Month! They are the proud parents of 17-month-old Armando, who they say keeps them very busy! When asked to describe a typical day for their family, they shared the following:

“Every day we learn something new with our son. He helps us grow as we watch him grow up. Our son gets up early with us (as we both work), and he enjoys going to daycare and spending time with his friends. We love picking him up and seeing his big smile as he runs to us with open arms. We come home after a long day at work/daycare and love to relax and watch cartoons and eat a family dinner.”

Armando and Luis were referred to Surrogate Solutions by the organization Men Having Babies, an international nonprofit dedicated to providing gay men with the educational and financial support to achieve parenthood through surrogacy. They were matched with a wonderful gestational carrier and remain in contact with her and her family to this day.

“We can’t thank you enough for all the support and assistance through our journey,” they said of their experience with Surrogate Solutions. “It was amazing to have people walk you (virtually) through everything.”

Men Having Babies offers a variety of resources through its website, including expert advice, videos, research articles, blogs, and books for LGBTQ+ families via surrogacy.

We help Intended Parents Create Happy Families via Egg Donation & Surrogacy  with the help of caring Egg Donors & Surrogates.

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