Pride Month Spotlight: Ma & Thomas’ Story

Written By: Hillary Redwine

Ma Cong and Thomas Landrum are one of the many LGBTQ+ couples who have turned to Surrogate Solutions to help them build their families. Today, they are the proud parents of three-year-old twins, Thomas and Mason. As we celebrate Pride Month, we are honored to highlight their journey to parenthood.

Please tell us a little about your journey.
As two professionals in different fields, we had to plan most aspects of our life together. For years we knew that surrogacy was the right choice to grow our family because we could be involved with the process from the beginning. Our wonderful carrier was patient, cooperative, and educational for us the whole time, even now. We have two beautiful boys and a life better than we planned.

What is a typical day like for your family?
Our boys are three years old, so we mostly try to manage the chaos by channeling their energy toward healthy activities. During the week, they attend school and then spend the evenings in a routine of baths, dinner, playtime, and reading. We’re blessed to have a loving nanny who helps us make sure they are cared for and in their routine when our schedule pulls one of us away for travel or a trial. On the weekends, we try to spend our time outdoors doing activities the boys can enjoy like planting flowers in our yard or visiting the gardens at Philbrook.

How would you describe your children?
Thomas is a doer – brave, athletic, empathetic, and a leader. Mason is a thinker – clever, charismatic, humorous, and charming. Each and together, they are constantly capable, loving, inspiring, and beautiful.

How was your experience working with Surrogate Solutions?
Surrogate Solutions became our home base during our process. They were careful to make sure there was ample communication between all the different parties involved: doctors, clinics, carriers, and us. We’re certainly not the easiest couple to manage, but they did with grace and understanding.

What advice do you have for other LGBTQ+ intended parents? Are there any resources you recommend?
Our best recommendation is to surround yourself with people who support your process and want you to succeed. They’ll typically make themselves known when you’re open about starting your surrogacy journey. Our best resources came from families who struggled with fertility and shared with us the lessons from their experience. We also leaned on the guidance of our surrogate, a former nanny, whose input proves priceless even now.

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