Surrogates Share Their Motivation for Helping Intended Parents

Why do you want to be a surrogate?

This is one of the first questions we ask our gestational carriers during the application process. Oftentimes they will mention a family member or friend who has experienced infertility. Other times, it is simply that as mothers themselves, they cannot imagine what it would be like not to have a child, and they want to give that gift to another person.
One of the biggest misconceptions we often hear about surrogacy is that it is treated as a business transaction and surrogates are only doing it for the money. We understand how this can be concerning for intended parents who value a connection with their carrier and have a desire to share in the pregnancy experience. We recently asked some of our gestational carriers to share the best part of their experience and their motivation for helping intended parents grow their families.


Here’s what they had to say.

“Everything about this journey has been awesome – even the icky parts have such incredible meaning that I can’t find anything negative to say! I’m so looking forward to feeling this sweet baby move around. I absolutely cannot wait to see my intended parents with their child in their arms. They are going to be such wonderful, loving parents, and they deserve it so much! I’m already thinking of doing this again!”
Laura, first-time surrogate

“It was the most awesome experience ever. I wanted to bless a family with a baby. Little did I know, I would get a huge blessing also. My heart was overjoyed when I helped create a family. It was totally life changing for me.”
Mandy, first-time surrogate

“My mom struggled with infertility with my stepdad when I was a teen, and I remember hearing her cry at night. My daughter was born almost 10 years after that, and I loved being pregnant and giving birth. I knew that was how I was meant to make a difference, to take other’s pain away.”
Courtney, three-time surrogate

“We thought it would be a great way for us to give back to another family. My wife and I conceived with the help of two amazing donors. We wouldn’t have our children if it wasn’t for their help, so we wanted to help another family.”
Niki, first-time surrogate

“I have a lot of friends who suffer with infertility and one, really close to me, who lost her child due to a genetic condition they didn’t know he had. I am someone who loves to help people and knowing that I have the ability to carry babies made me look into surrogacy. It’s so amazing.”
Anna, first-time surrogate

“I have always enjoyed being pregnant and helping others. What better way to bless someone else?”
Jessica, five-time surrogate

“I decided to become a surrogate because I knew quite a few women who struggled with infertility. My heart just went out to them because it had been easy for me to get pregnant and being a mom has been the most fulfilling part of my life.”
Gloria, three-time surrogate

“I was led to surrogacy after my husband and I went through infertility. I knew I wanted to help other people experiencing the same thing. It’s the best experience ever!”
Meg, two-time surrogate

“I was so excited when I matched with my intended parents. I cannot wait to match again and form such a special bond. The best thing about being a surrogate is handing the parents their baby. My heart is so full!”
Leanna, first-time surrogate

“I love being pregnant, and I love helping people. My surrogate best friend told me if I would ever consider it, she would recommend it. That’s why [I became a surrogate] the first time. My second time was because the first was an amazing example of a servant’s heart for my family, and I could help someone.”
Rebecca, two-time surrogate

“The best part is that moment of euphoria after delivery. All the pain and sickness – it’s all worth that moment. My intended father was Chinese and when he called his family after the baby came, I obviously couldn’t understand the words, but I could hear the love, from his partner (who was not able to travel for the birth), from his parents and his sister. I swore I was one and done until that moment. Knowing I had brought so much joy to a family…all the relationships that just changed in the best ways…after the hormones settled, I knew I just had to try one more time to recreate that.”
Chrissi, first-time surrogate

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