Attending the baby shower

As a surrogate, being invited to the intended parent’s baby shower can be exciting and awkward at the same time. Here are a few stories and experiences from our surrogates.



Rebecca’s story

I am a surrogate, and I am 6 months pregnant. This is my first surrogacy and I am loving every minute of it. The intended parents are the sweetest people who we now consider extended family, and I am so thrilled for them to meet their little girl.

The soon-to-be mom has invited me to be co-host of the baby shower, and I have so many feelings about attending. As much as I would love to attend, I want this day to be all about her. I want this to be her day, to be showered by friends and family, and to celebrate after years of heartache. She is going to be a mommy in 3 short months.

She is thankful for my feelings and apprehension, but she says she would have never gotten to this point with out me. She wants to celebrate the journey to motherhood alongside me and that makes sense. Together we will celebrate her journey to motherhood, and I can’t wait to sit by her side as she and her sweet little girl are showered with love by family and friends.


Brittany’s story

My intended fathers had a baby celebration! They invited me, my husband, and my children. Their families even brought my kids some little gifts and candy which was so nice. We enjoyed great conversation and great food & it was so amazing watching the dads open their gifts. They were so giddy that I teared up (maybe it’s the hormones). I am so excited they chose me to be their carrier and I can’t wait for them to have their babies in a few short weeks!
April’s story

My Intended parents do not live nearby, but the intended mother has asked me to attend her baby shower. She has even offered to cover my travel expenses. While the offer and generosity is so sweet, I declined. While I am so happy for her and her upcoming shower logistically, I cannot be away from my own family. I also secretly think I would feel a little awkward being away from home, not knowing anyone and being in the spotlight as her surrogate.

My intended mother had a photographer at her shower and she sent me the sweetest gift. It was a framed photo of her & her guests and they all wrote sweet thank you’s around the photo.
After speaking with her today, she had a great shower and she is so excited for their baby to arrive. I am so happy that she got to be in the spotlight and that this special day was all about her!


Julie’s story

My intended parents do not plan on having a shower. They have been through such a tough journey that they actually have not told many people about their pregnancy. They want to keep these special moments to themselves as they are still nervous and I think they will be until day she is born. They plan on having a Surprise Baby Reveal after she is a home and a few weeks old.
They have extended an invitation to me, but I think I will live through this event via photos. I cannot wait to hear about their family’s reactions and excitement of their new baby.


Many surrogates are gifted throughout their pregnancy journey, and the greatest gift of all is watching the intended parents be showered by love from their friends and family whether they are attending the shower or living through the photos. It is so exciting to watch the parents open gifts and prepare for their little bundle of joy that you are helping to create.


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