3 Unexpected Things to Look for in Intended Parents

When you’re ready to become a gestational surrogate, there is probably nothing more important than your selection of intended parents. When you meet with them, you’ll probably have a list of questions to ensure you are on the same page. Here are three things you may not have thought of.

Clear boundaries

Every surrogate/intended parent relationship is different. Some prefer to be mostly business; some prefer a closer, more intimate relationship. One is not better than the other, it’s just important you are on the same page. Have an open discussion about what you are comfortable with in terms of communication and involvement.

You can have very open back-and-forth daily discussions via text or video, or you can set up a more formal communication schedule. They can visit you regularly and be at all your appointments, or you can simply report back any relevant results and not see them until birth.

It’s important to set these expectations upfront, so everyone is in agreement.

Treat you as an equal

Throughout the surrogacy process, it’s important you will be on equal footing with the intended parents. While they will rightly expect you will take every measure possible to ensure you and the baby remain healthy, they do not have the right to micromanage you for the duration. Of course, you’ll eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and refrain from harmful substances and activities. The IPs should respect you enough to not ask how many green vegetables you ate last Thursday.

Personal connections

While this is not a necessity, it can be fun to learn you have common interests other than the baby. Whether you follow the same sports teams, share a love of horror movies, or spend weekends antiquing, discussing these interests can help deepen your bond.

If you have any questions on the matching process or what to ask your intended parents, contact Surrogate Solutions today! There’s no question we haven’t heard before.


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