Signs You Would Be a Great Gestational Surrogate


Ever wonder if you’d make a great surrogate? Has a friend remarked how easy your pregnancies were or do you simply feel blessed you were able to carry your children to term successfully? Have you thought about what it’s like for women who are not so fortunate?

You may have what it takes to be a great surrogate. Read these signs and see how many you can claim.

Good health. There are basic medical  qualifications to become a surrogate, such as being in good health, at a healthy weight and living in a non-smoking household. However, to be a great gestational surrogate, you should be a woman who makes her health a priority. Regular exercise, healthy eating habits and stress management tactics like yoga or meditation should be part of your routine. If this sounds like you, chances are you’d make a great candidate for surrogacy.

Strong support system. A successful gestational surrogate will need the support of family and friends. Will your family accept your decision to become a surrogate and step in if you need help? Discuss your plans so they really know what to expect. Often, friends and family think “help” means driving you to the doctor or watching your other children while you nap. Prepare them also for worst case scenarios such as medical complications that could arise or even conditions that could require bedrest. It also helps to have a flexible work situation that will allow you to take off for appointments or if you need to travel.

Emotional resilience. Even the most uneventful of pregnancies can be tough on a woman. It’s hard on your body and difficult mentally to go through the many months of preparations and pregnancy without taking a baby home at the end of it all. Do you have a strategy to cope with any unexpected post-partum emotions that arise?

Can you deal with the requirements of the surrogacy agency? They will have a lot of questions for you to answer and assessments for you to go through. What about the intended parents? Can you patiently address their many worries and questions? It’s hard for them to be on the outside looking in. This is an amazing partnership. Can you ease their worries?

If you’ve got children of your own and have watched other couples struggle to build families of their own, you may wonder how you can help. If so, consider becoming a gestational surrogate.

At Surrogate Solutions, our specialty is working closely with surrogates and intended parents to help build new families. If you would like to learn more about becoming a surrogate, contact the team at Surrogate Solutions.

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