Growing Your Family Through Surrogacy: Bonding With Your Baby

Forming a bond with your baby is a precious and important time in any parent’s life. While bonding is a natural process, many questions arise when it comes to bonding with a baby born from gestational surrogacy versus a traditional pregnancy. Will our baby still be able to form a bond with us? How will our older children be able to bond with our new baby?

Although you won’t be carrying your baby through pregnancy, rest assured your entire family will be able to form a special bond with your baby-to-be – and you don’t even need to wait for the baby’s arrival to get started! Consider the following as you prepare to welcome your new baby home:

  • Talk to the baby. Even from the early stages of pregnancy, babies have a strong sense of hearing. The more the baby hears the Intended Parents’ (and Intended Siblings’) voices, the more familiar and comfortable the baby will become. If geographical distance is not an issue, consider visiting your Surrogate in person for lunch or attending doctor’s appointments. If this is not an option, send audio recordings of your voice for the Surrogate to play for the baby.
  • Get your home ready. Nesting is a key component to preparing for your baby’s arrival. Take the time to organize your home, set up the nursery, and baby-proof the house. If this is your first baby, you may even want to consider throwing a baby shower to share your excitement with friends and family!
  • Build your connection. Skin-to-skin contact and eye contact with your baby are both highly recommended for developing a physical bond. Have members of your family hold the baby to strengthen that bond and consider purchasing a baby wearer and sleeping near your baby.
  • Cherish the process. Bonding is a process that should be enjoyed! Take time each day to connect with your baby and establish a new routine. Remember that newborns are naturally fussy and upset sometimes; try not to be hard on yourself when this happens. As days go by, you will see your dynamic grow!

Bonding with your new baby is important for the entire family. Surrogate Solutions understands the importance of developing these bonds and finds joy in helping Intended Parents build their new, loving homes. If you are looking for more information on bonding with your surrogate baby or would like to learn more about the gestational surrogacy process in general, please contact Gayle and her caring team of experts at Surrogate Solutions today!

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