Mandy’s Surrogacy Story

Mandy is a gestational surrogate who was matched with a loving couple through Surrogate Solutions. She shares her story below.

My name is Mandy, and I am from Texas. I have two beautiful children of my own, and I love being a mom. Pregnancies came quick and easy for my husband and I. I would often think of others who didn’t have the same experience with pregnancy and conceiving. My heart would break when I heard story after story of others’ heartaches. I knew that someday, somehow, I wanted to help.

The time finally came when I could act on what had been in my heart for all these years. I found Surrogate Solutions and began to research the process. I called and spoke to Kristina and Gayle, and they were so helpful and sweet. I asked a multitude of questions, which were all answered with patience and kindness. I knew I was connected with the right people to help me help others.

It wasn’t long before I was matched with the sweetest couple! Within moments of our first meeting, I knew that Mike and Becky were the ones I wanted to carry for, and I hoped they felt the same. By the end of our meeting we both agreed to begin this journey together.

Transfer day came, and we were very nervous and excited. A few days passed, and we found that I was pregnant. ☺ Becky and Mike were so happy. I sent pictures of my growing belly, and they loved seeing the baby at the ultrasounds. Nine months flew by and the birthday was here! With Becky and Mike by my side, we delivered baby Samuel. He was as beautiful and healthy as could be. I had such an overwhelming feeling of happiness when I saw them holding their baby for the first time. It was a wonderful moment I will always remember. They were so considerate of my feelings, and they let me love and snuggle with baby Samuel for hours. That meant the world to me. I never felt like I was giving away my baby, as some people would often say. He was not mine to begin with. He was theirs all along. I just had the privilege and honor to carry him for a short time.

I have been very fortunate to be a part of their lives and watch Samuel grow. I was honored take part in his baptism as his Godmother and visit with him and his family often. I will forever be grateful to Becky, Mike, and Surrogate Solutions for giving me this wonderful and life-changing opportunity and gift.

Surrogate Solutions is a leading gestational surrogacy agency. We partner gestational surrogates with intended parents looking to grow their families and help you along your personal journey. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate in Texas or beyond, contact Surrogate Solutions to learn more.

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