10 Traditions for Your New Family

We are incredibly happy for our intended parents at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions who welcomed their long-awaited little ones this year! This holiday season and the new year are a wonderful time to start new traditions that will help build memories and serve your family for years to come. Below are 10 ideas to consider for your family.Holiday traditions

  1. Annual Christmas ornament: If your family celebrates Christmas, consider purchasing a new ornament each year beginning with the year your child is born. You can choose a theme for the ornaments or have them represent something your family did that year, like take a special trip. Once your child is an adult, he or she will have a collection of ornaments to call their own.
  2. Matching pajamas: Matching PJs are a holiday tradition for many families. Make it even more special by creating a unique photo op each year, designating a family day where everyone stays in their PJs while watching movies and playing games, or put your own spin on the tradition.
  3. Give back as a family: The holidays are a great time to help others in need, and you can set an example for your children starting when they are young. Set a monetary amount and choose a charity or charities together as a family. As the children get older, they can help research charities for the family to support and participate in volunteer projects.
  4. Letters for your child: Write a letter to your child reflecting on the past year. What did he or she accomplish? What milestones did he or she reach? What are you most proud of as parent? The letters will serve as a heartwarming keepsake to be given to your child at a time of your choosing.
  5. Bucket list for the new year: Create a family bucket list of activities to be enjoyed throughout the new year. As your child gets older, he or she can participate by contributing their own ideas. Consider writing the activities down on pieces of paper and putting them into a jar to be removed once a month for a special family day.

Anytime traditions

  1. Create a scrapbook: Create a scrapbook for your child that highlights his or her unique story. This can be a great way to begin explaining to your child how you needed the help of another person to create your family. You can incorporate photos of your egg donor or surrogate in addition to photos of your child and family.
  2. Family nights: Set aside one night a week as your designated family night and do something everyone can enjoy together. It could be watching a movie, playing games, going on a picnic, camping out in the living room, or eating dinner at a restaurant. Mark your calendar and make it a regular event!
  3. Time with each parent: Just as it’s important to have regular family time, it’s also important for children to bond individually their parents. Create “dates” for your child to spend one-on-one time with each parent. If you have multiple children, this tradition can help ensure that each child is getting quality time with his or her parents. For babies and toddlers, this can be one-on-one playtime, a walk in the stroller as you talk to them, or a trip to the park. As your child gets older, get him or her involved in choosing the activity and make it a regular event you both look forward to each week or each month.
  4. Family photos: Consider investing in annual family photos with a professional photographer. As the saying goes, children grow up fast. You’ll blink and suddenly your baby will be in high school, and you’ll be glad you have the photos to look back on throughout the years.
  5. Make birthdays a big deal: Starting with your child’s first birthday, create a birthday tradition that you can continue throughout his or her childhood. It could be filling his or her room with balloons, a family breakfast, dinner or special birthday treat, or a family outing. The idea is to create a tradition that your child can anticipate and look forward to each year.

If you are a new parent and would be willing to share your story about growing your family through egg donation or surrogacy, we would love to hear from you! We regularly feature personal stories on our blog to educate, inspire and offer hope to other intended parents. Stories may be shared anonymously. Please reach out to your Care Coordinator at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions or contact Barette Best at Barette@CreateAHappyFamily.com


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