Meet Whitney Hall

Meet Whitney Hall – Care Coordinator, Surrogate Solutions

Whitney Hall recently joined Surrogate Solutions as a Care Coordinator. She works with intended parents (IPs) and gestational carriers once they have been matched to guide and support them throughout the surrogacy process – from the initial medical screening to the pregnancy and delivery. Like many of our team members, Whitney has personal experience as a surrogate. She carried twins and then a singleton for two different families. She and her husband also have three children of their own. You can read Whitney’s surrogacy story on our website and get to know her more through her responses to the questions below, interviewed by Hillary Redwine.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Surrogate Solutions?

I enjoy learning everyone’s story and that I get to continue being a small part of helping to create families. I love helping IPs and surrogates feel cared for throughout the process. For IPs, they have already had so much stress and been through a long journey by the time they get to us. I reassure them and let them know they are not alone because our team is here to support them. With surrogates, I encourage them and remind them what an awesome thing they are doing by helping to create a family. It’s really about providing that reassurance and being a safety net for both IPs and surrogates.

As a two-time surrogate with Surrogate Solutions, what advice do you have for surrogates who are just starting their journey?

Despite my first journey being relaxed and easy, I wish I would have leaned more on my Care Coordinator instead of feeling like I was inconveniencing her. So, my advice is to really lean on your Care Coordinator and reach out with any questions. There is a reason you are part of this agency, and it’s not just to make sure the ‘t’s are crossed’ and the ‘i’s are dotted.’ We want to ensure that you have a positive experience. I am here to say please inconvenience me because you’re not! It’s my job and what I’m here for. Never hesitate to reach out anytime, even if it’s just a text to say that you have a weird feeling. There is no question to small.

Can you describe a favorite memory from your surrogacy journeys?

My favorite memories are of hearing the parents with their babies for the first time. That first conversation where the parents are discussing who the baby looks like and how happy they are – it’s a very intimate moment, and I don’t take for granted how special it is that I got to be part of it twice.

Tell us about your family and how you spend your free time.

My husband and I met in middle school, and we have been together ever since. He is a high school science teacher and football/basketball coach, so we spend a lot of time going to games. We have three children, who are all involved in various sports and activities. We live in the Houston area and have family close by, so we are always going to movie nights and birthday parties on the weekends. We are also very involved in our church. When I have time to myself, I enjoy watching Netflix, reading, and listening to my favorite podcast, the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.


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