And baby makes three

Life has definitely changed for the better since the arrival of our little guy.

Entering this journey, there were so many scary feelings that we had to overcome. What if we chose the wrong person to be our surrogate? What if we didn’t even find a surrogate??  We thought of all of the horrible things that “could” happen, but our agency was able to put our mind at ease.  They helped match us with the perfect surrogate.

From the first time we met her, we knew that she was the right person to help us. We were surprised with how smoothly things went and how well-matched our two families were. We knew that there was a matching process, but how well we matched was impressive.

It was such a relief to have found such a great surrogate, but fear continued to flood our mind.  We had to keep reminding ourselves that our baby boy would soon be in our arms.

Being able to see our baby grow at each ultrasound gave us such peace of mind that things were progressing well. The ultrasounds made the pregnancy very “real” and because of the willingness of our surrogate, our dreams of becoming parents were actually coming true.

During our baby shower, our surrogate gifted us with a stuffed elephant that had a recording of our baby’s heartbeat. We used to listen to it daily. It was such a sweet gesture.

Delivery day was not as planned. We had gone for a routine check-up on a Friday, and we planned to stay for the weekend. We took our diaper bag and other things just in case. At the appointment everything appeared to be on track, but we spent the night counting contractions.

The next day we went to the hospital and it was a matter of time before our baby was in our arms.  Baby was born by c-section, and we were able to be present.  It was so emotional!  There were very happy tears from everyone in the room.

Everything went smoothly, and the doctors and staff at the hospital were so helpful and understanding. They even planned to have Dad cut the cord since he was not able to be present during the delivery. The hospital only allowed one person in the room during the c-section for safety reasons, but they made sure to include Dad in the process as well.

The advice we would give to couples just starting their surrogacy journey would be to stay positive and realize that you are trusting someone else with your most precious gift.

Give your surrogate space, and even though it is hard to give up some control, once you find the right person to carry your baby, you need to trust her, too. Our surrogate was so helpful with questions we had during this journey, and we are forever grateful for her support.

We waited for such a long time to have a child, and not being able to carry our own was very difficult for us to accept. Fast forward to now, though, and baby is now 6 months old. Life has definitely changed for the better!  We have had sleepless nights and challenging days, but it has been overwhelmingly joyful for all the members of the family. Our son has made our family complete and he has given us a new purpose and renewed vision in life. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

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