Happy Together







After going through her own infertility journey and becoming a mother through the gift of egg donation, author Julie Marie found various paths to parenthood were underrepresented in children’s literature. She wrote Happy Together, a collection of children’s books to help introduce young children to the family building concepts of egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation and IVF.







Happy Together, an egg donation story, is a heartwarming book to help introduce the concept of egg donation to a young child. A story told through clear language and cheerful illustrations, readers will join Mommy and Daddy bear on the journey to fulfill their greatest wish of becoming parents. With help from a doctor, an egg from a special lady called a donor and Daddy’s seed, a baby grew in Mommy’s tummy and was welcomed with great joy! Happy Together is available on Amazon. Learn more at www.happytogetherchildrensbook.com

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