How Surrogacy Helped My Family

Let’s face it, all surrogates apply to be carriers because they want to help create families! They want to help a couple become parents and make their parents grandparents.

As surrogates are helping to create families, they are also compensated. Most do not discuss the money part because they are not there because of the money. But when we asked a few of our carriers how being a surrogate has helped their family, this is what they said:



I signed up to be a surrogate because my best friend struggled with infertility. I had no idea you actually got compensation. Once we were contracted, my husband & I discussed plans for the additional income. We decided we were going to pay off all of our son’s medial bills (which we have been making monthly payments on for over 2 years). We also planned a vacation for just he & I. We have not been on a vacation alone together since our honeymoon.  The intended parents found out about our planned trip and secretly upgraded us to first class!! My surrogacy journey was amazing!  The entire journey was smooth-sailing. I was able to help a beautiful couple become a family, and by being a surrogate, we were able to pay off some huge debts.  Having that piece of mind is indescribable. I will forever be thankful for this experience.



This is my second surrogacy journey and I am so thankful for this opportunity to carry a sibling for my  IPs. We delivered a baby girl 2 years ago & we are 5 months pregnant with another girl. During my last journey, my husband got hurt at work and ended up on disability for over 9 months. If It weren’t for my surrogacy, we would have lost everything!

I am so thankful that I was able to help a family, but they have no idea how much our journey helped my family. Thankfully, my husband is fully recovered and back to work. This time around, we will use compensation to pay off all of our debt and my car.  I am so humbled to be a surrogate and to help create sweet children for our dear friends.  I am so thankful for an opportunity to better my family’s life as well.



We just delivered our surro twins last month! Being a surrogate has been an incredible experience! We have 3 children of our own and they are the twin’s “aunties”.

The kids don’t know it yet, but next week we are going on a Disney Cruise. My husband and I are both teachers, so we would never be able to afford such a lavish vacation if it weren’t for my surrogacy compensation. Surrogacy is such a beautiful gift for all parties involved.  I can’t wait to watch the new family grow!



I am a stay at home mom and my kids are all finally in school. We decided to help a family through surrogacy because I have a lot of flexibility and extra time these days. I am 3 months pregnant and we are still early in our journey. My husband & I have been having a lot of conversations about what to do with the additional money and we have decided to open a business. My lifelong dream has been to open a business, and with the blessing of this surrogacy, I am able to not only help fulfill the intended parents dreams, but the ability to fulfill mine as well.



I have been a surrogate three times! This is my third and final journey. People are always nosy about the surrogacy money and how we spend it but my kids all went to catholic school and played competitive hockey! So thankfully as a surrogate I was able to afford an amazing education and childhood for my children. My husband & I never do anything for ourselves so with our last journey we are saving everything for our retirement and planning a small trip… to Italy for 2 weeks sans kids. Surrogacy has taught me so many things! I am forever thankful to help create these families. These families always tell me how thankful they are for my family and me & we are equally thankful for them.  Being a part of their journey has helped us so much.


As surrogates, there is no greater joy than being a small part of the intended couple’s journey to parenthood. It is also incredible to hear how surrogacy has helped the surrogates and their own families as well.

We are all so blessed and thankful to Be The Solution, To Help Create Happy Families and to additionally Benefit Financially.


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