Injection Tips

Part of this amazing journey is preparing your body for the embryo transfer. This is done through specific medications and monitoring your cycle so the embryo transfer can occur on the optimal date. Aren’t medicine and science amazing?!?!

At this point, the clinic and your coordinator will work out your treatment calendar and you will get presents in the mail… aka your meds!  Your nurse will go through the procedure with you and show you that “X” marks the spot for these lovely injections.


Here are some friendly tips to help you through this part of the process:

Be organized!  It is great to have an organized area where you are doing your shots. It is great to make sure that this is a clean area with enough room for you to prepare your injection site and administer the shot.

Be Calm! Take deep breaths prior to administration. If your body is relaxed, the shot will be much easier to penetrate, and it will be less painful.

Ice prior to help numb the area. If you are needle-phobic there may be additional numbing options through your doctor’s office.

Remember to rotate injection sites daily and massage your muscle prior to cleaning with alcohol.  If progesterone accumulates in the muscles, it causes knots or bumps to form.

If you encounter itching at injection, talk with your case manager! Benadryl or tiger balm could help calm the area, but you may be having an allergic reaction. Progesterone is usually compounded in peanut or sesame oil, so if you have any allergies to peanuts or sesame, make sure to mention it to your doctor so he can prescribe a different medication better-suited for you. ​

After taking the injection, use a heating pad to help warm the oil, thin it, and help boost the absorption. Massaging will also help stimulate the muscle for absorption.

If you need to travel with your medication, it is great to store it in an insulated lunch box to help regulate the temperature.

Flying with medication: Always check with the airline prior to travel to seek the airport protocol for traveling with syringes and needles. Check in with your clinic to discuss travel plans and ensure that you have enough medication prior to traveling. Pack your meds in clear Ziploc bags with your prescription. Ensure you pack enough gauze and alcohol wipes as well. Be sure to dispose used syringes appropriately.  You can drop them in a water bottle and drop off at a local hospital, firehouse, or many airports now have Sharps boxes in the restrooms.

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