Testimony from a surrogate


Hi my name is Susan and I am a 1x gestational carrier with Surrogate Solutions. I have always believed that if you are able to help someone, you should! What better way to do that than to help create a family?  I read an article about surrogacy two years ago and sat back thinking, “That’s awesome!  I could do that!”


I brought the idea up to my husband and he was immediately on board. I began the application process in May 2018 and was matched just a few weeks after. We were lucky that our first single embryo transfer was successful and I delivered a beautiful baby girl in May 2019. Throughout the pregnancy, I had tons of support from my intended parents, Surrogate Solutions, and close friends and family. I have to give a giant shout-out to my husband, Brian, for fully supporting me in my adventure of being a surrogate! I could not have done any of this without his support.


My intended parents and I continue to have a relationship and bond like no other. Surrogacy is amazing not only because I had a part in helping bring a life into the world and help make a family’s dream come true, but I also had the chance to form a relationship that I otherwise never would have had.  My intended parents and I are very different – from our careers to our culture, but we are also alike in our love for family, traveling, and other things.


My outlook on fertility has forever changed because it is rare to see things from the side of infertility if you have never personally struggled before. The entire process has enlightened me on the struggles that so many face, and usually face privately. The fertility medications, the “hurry up and wait” feeling, the anticipation of knowing if the transfer worked or not, it is all such a roller coaster of emotions and I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. I feel honored to have been a surrogate and am so thankful that our coordinator helped facilitate our match.  


The parents sent some very sentimental gifts at the delivery, but being a part of their journey was the best gift of all.

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