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Our very own Program Director and Heart of Surrogate Solutions, Gayle Garrett,  was at the official signing of the Surrogacy Bill in Oklahoma. While it was not illegal, there is now a legal framework established to protect intended parents and surrogates in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Intended Parents and attorneys, Laura and Andy Long, worked tirelessly to draft the legislation for this bill, and Senator Brent Howard and Representative Jason Dunnington sponsored and supported the bill. Reproductive attorneys, Becki Murphy and Megan Martin, all had a HUGE part in getting this bill passed, and we are so grateful!

Thank you all for believing in this cause and for supporting surrogacy for families in Oklahoma!

If you have ever had a desire to carry a baby for someone who is not able to, please reach out to us.  Surrogacy is life-changing for everyone involved!! You CAN make a difference!

We are also proud to announce our new Oklahoma location: 624 S. Denver, Suite 300 Tulsa, OK 74119

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