A baby on the way

We are intended parents with a baby on the way.  In fact, any day he will be here. The road to get here has been long and rough, but we are so thankful that we are here.

Ever since we started dating, my husband and I have discussed having a big family. We never thought in a million years that we would be affected with infertility struggles. After years of doctor’s appointments, medication, and loss we knew that we had to explore other options.

When doing some research, we found Surrogate Solutions. From the very first interaction, we were in love with the entire team. They had so much empathy and compassion for what we have endured and they helped give us a glimmer of hope.  There was a possibility of becoming parents through surrogacy! We decided we were “all in” and ready to do what was needed.

We were quickly matched with an amazing surrogate.  We had a successful first transfer, and we have had an amazing pregnancy thus far. My husband and I were matched with a surrogate that lives nearby and we have a very close relationship with her. Living so close to one another, we have been fortunate to go to every doctor’s appointment and we have been able to experience seeing our little guy’s heartbeat for the first time together.

We are weeks away from delivery and this is the hardest part….the waiting!! His room is ready, all of his clothes are washed, our bags are packed, the car seats are installed, and we cannot wait to welcome our little man to the world.

We are so thankful to be here, in this moment! This is something we almost thought would never happen and we want to share with others to not give up! With the help of Surrogate Solutions and our amazing surrogate we are finally going to be parents and we will forever be grateful.


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