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Through the surrogacy journey, bonds are developed with all parties involved.  While this looks different for everyone, many of the people involved ask for gift ideas whether it’s for the surrogate or for the intended parents-to-be. We asked both parties about gifts they have given and received, and this is what they said:

Gifts given to the Surrogates from the Intended Parents:

  • A massage membership for massages during the pregnancy
  • Housecleaning services throughout the pregnancy
  • A meal service membership towards the end of pregnancy and/or after delivery
  • A Disney vacation for the surrogate’s entire family
  • Jewelry with a birthstone for the surrogate’s own children and one for the surro baby
  • Pregnancy Journal
  • Gifts for their children: surrogacy books, cookies, games

Gifts given to the Intended Parents from the Surrogates:

  • A Build a Bear with a recording of the baby’s heartbeat
  • Personalized frames with ultrasound images
  • Personalized ornaments
  • Customized room décor, frames, blankets etc.
  • A photo album documenting the surrogacy journey

In most cases, the gift of helping to create a family is simply enough. The IPs are simply grateful, and most of the surrogates are equally grateful with the opportunity to be a part of something so amazing. A baby is born, a family is born, and everyone’s life is instantly changed. What an incredible experience!




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