A Surrogacy Story



One of our sweet intended mothers recently met her daughter for the first time a couple of months ago, and all of her dreams came true. Here is her story.

“My infertility journey has spanned several years. In 2005, I finally got pregnant with triplets via UIU after many attempts. However, I had a cerclage infection at 24 weeks and was forced to deliver all three babies (2 girls and a boy) via C-section. Within 7 days, I had buried all three babies in separate funerals. I was devastated but determined to try again after recovery. Over the course of several years, I had three healthy babies… 1 singleton son and a set of twins. All boys. A few years later, I felt the need and urge to get pregnant with my frozen embryos. I had been diagnosed with papillary carcinoma (thyroid cancer) while pregnant with the twins and was told that getting pregnant without thyroid glands would be difficult. I tried for 1 ½ years through 4 IVF attempts to get pregnant. All of the attempts failed. I was devastated, but I knew I still have a few frozen embryos left.

I am a devout Christian and the thought of these embryos not being brought to life really affected me. Plus, I had so much love to give that I knew I wanted to add to my family. I was at an impasse. I had so many failed IVF attempts and it was taking a toll on my body. Surrogacy was my last hope. I was so reluctant to try surrogacy because I truly wanted to carry a baby myself. However, my body couldn’t handle it. Yes, I felt like a failure. I didn’t feel like a woman at all. I was so sad and upset with myself. However, I knew the end goal was to add to my family and give love to another child.

My high school friend had recommended Surrogate Solutions because Gayle used to be her neighbor. I got in touch with the local rep and shared my story. She said I would make a great intended parent and immediately found possible matches for me. Ultimately, she matched me with an amazing surrogate – someone I connected with immediately. Yes, I was scared. Yes, I felt like this was a dream and I would never truly have a baby in my arms. However, nine months later, it turned out to be a reality. My surrogate, who is the most selfless, loving, caring woman I’ve ever met, gave birth to my daughter about a year to the day I met her. My dreams had come true. My dream was finally a reality.

To this day, I am so incredibly thankful for choosing surrogacy. Surrogate Solutions was phenomenal in terms of service, commitment, and responsiveness. My coordinator was a great communicator and very flexible in terms of questions and support. I highly recommend Surrogate Solutions to anyone struggling with fertility and close to giving up. Contacting Surrogate Solutions was the best decision I have ever made. Thank you, Surrogate Solutions, especially Gayle, my surrogate, and my coordinator. You have changed my life forever.”




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