What Can You Do If Your Family Doesn’t Support Your Decision to Be a Surrogate?

While rewarding, surrogacy can be difficult both physically and emotionally. It’s helpful to be able to lean on your family for support during this time. Unfortunately, sometimes people have a hard time understanding gestational surrogacy or don’t feel that they can support the decision. That’s when you may need to find other resources to partner with throughout your surrogacy journey.

Your spouse needs to be on board, or reputable agencies will not proceed with the surrogacy. Because they are the person closest to you and the most affected, they must be on your team. That proviso does not extend to the remainder of your family. If they are unsupportive, consider these other options you can depend on.

Your support team could include:

  • Extended family
  • Friends and neighbors
  • Coworkers
  • Intended parents
  • In-person and online support groups
  • Surrogacy agency contacts
  • Fellow surrogates
  • Mental health professionals

Keep in mind that family members who don’t accept the surrogacy when it’s merely theoretical may come along once the pregnancy is a reality. They may be willing to help if you tell them what you need most. Don’t be shy about telling them how they can help. A family member who is unwilling to attend pre-natal appointments with you may be willing to babysit while you go.

Consider also:

  • Asking for help with housework, cooking, or errands
  • Inviting them along to exercise, get a pedicure, or relax in a coffee shop
  • Calling to stay in touch even if they are not comfortable discussing surrogacy-related issues.

Ideally, your family will be on your team, but if that’s not the case, there are a multitude of other resources for you to get the support you need to enjoy a happy and healthy surrogate pregnancy.

If you want some ideas about how to explain your pregnancy to your family and friends to increase your chances of gaining their acceptance and support, read our previous post.

If your family doesn’t support you despite your best efforts, don’t worry. The professionals at Surrogate Solutions are part of your family too! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us any time along the way. Our top priority is to keep you happy and healthy. Contact us today or whenever you need us.




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