Gestational Surrogacy and Medical Insurance: What You Need to Know

Thinking about becoming a surrogate? You probably have a lot of questions about what to expect. For example, you may wonder what is covered by insurance; whose insurance covers what; and what expenses you can expect.

To begin with, as the gestational surrogate, you should have no out-of-pocket expenses. Your insurance or funds from the IPs will cover everything you need to have a safe, comfortable and successful pregnancy.

Typically, your insurance will cover your prenatal care and birth expenses and any post-partum follow-up expenses for you. The intended parents’ insurance takes over once the baby is born to cover all of the baby’s medical expenses.

The above is the ideal situation. If you don’t have insurance or have insurance with a surrogacy exclusion, the intended parents can purchase healthcare insurance for you. Pretty much everything in a surrogacy contract is negotiable. If there are any expenses you are unsure about, your surrogacy agency will be happy to answer your questions.

You may also wonder who is responsible for all the testing that is involved. You will undergo testing prior to being approved to be a surrogate and many procedures involved in the beginning of your pregnancy, such as fertility drugs, endocrinologists. IVF, etc. These expenses are covered by the IPs as well.

Do these three things to ensure you are covered:

Talk to your surrogacy agency. They can explain the full extent of medical expenses involved in surrogate pregnancy and how it gets covered. They have been through this process many times and will be happy to both inform and reassure you.

Contact your insurance company. Find out exactly what they will cover. There can be variations in companies and policies regarding what will be covered, what percentage of the expense will be covered and what portion you will be expected to take care of under your deductible. Request the relevant information in writing. If you’re not sure what to ask, your surrogacy agency can help.

Read your surrogacy contract. Make sure it covers all medical and related expenses. If you are not confident the contract spells out the agreement explicitly enough, don’t hesitate to ask that they change the wording.

Read more about medical insurance for gestational surrogates in our previous blog or simply give us a call. The experts at Surrogate Solutions are passionate about helping gestational surrogates and intended parents along the successful journey to creating families. Let us know how we can help.




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