6 Frequently Asked Questions From Gestational Surrogates

Becoming a gestational surrogate can be a rewarding experience; however, as with any new experience, it can be a little scary. You may have questions before you undertake your surrogacy journey, which the experts at Surrogate Solutions are happy to answer for you, but we wanted to share a few of the most common questions here, along with resources for more information.

Six Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Surrogate

Why should you work with a surrogacy agency?

A surrogacy agency guides the gestational surrogate and the intended parents through the surrogacy journey. They can help you make the right match, ensure your rights are protected, and facilitate your communication with the IPs. It can be a difficult process to navigate on your own. A surrogacy agency acts as your partner along the way. Learn more about why you need to work with a surrogacy agency.

What are the requirements to be a surrogate?

The requirements around becoming a surrogate are designed to ensure you and the baby are healthy and happy. The most important qualifications are you are between the ages of 21 and 45; have had at least one successful pregnancy; and are physically and mentally healthy. You’ll have to complete an application, undergo a background check, and do a considerable amount of testing. Read our complete list of requirements for gestational surrogates.

Are surrogates paid?

Gestational surrogates are compensated for the inconvenience, discomfort, and expense they go through during the surrogate pregnancy. As a surrogate, you are making a big sacrifice. The IPs understand and appreciate that and are eager to pay the fees and expenses involved in surrogacy. All funds are managed through a third-party escrow agency, so you won’t have to worry about the details. For more information on surrogacy compensation and tax implications, read on.

Do I get to pick the IPs?

As a gestational surrogate, you decide which IPs you wish to work with. Typically, the process is for the agency to analyze your profile and that of their IPs to see who a perfect match (in terms of personality preferences and any other factors) may be. It’s like being a matchmaker.  After the two of you meet (in person or via video conference), if either of you is not comfortable with the match, you can say so and try again. Learn more about deciding on the perfect IPs by reading our previous blog on knowing if potential IPs will be a good fit for you.

What is a surrogacy contract?

A surrogacy contract is a legal agreement between the surrogate and the intended parents that spells out all the details of the surrogacy. It should take care of basics including compensation, insurance, and birth plans. It will go into detail on decisions such as selective reduction, how names will appear on the birth certificate (requirements vary from state to state), and how decisions that may affect the health of the baby will be handled. Read these additional points your surrogacy contract should cover.

How is the pregnancy managed?

The manner in which the pregnancy is managed is a decision that is best agreed upon by the surrogate and the IPs. There are a lot of decisions about doctors, treatment, and staying healthy. The Surrogate Solutions blog is a great source of support throughout your surrogate pregnancy. Here you will find resources on legal concerns you may have about surrogacy, balancing the demands of your job while pregnant, remaining fit and healthy throughout your surrogate pregnancy, and getting your family to support your surrogacy journey.

If you are looking for more information about becoming a gestational surrogate, explore our blog topics for surrogates or contact Surrogate Solutions today!


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