When Carrying Your Own Child Isn’t an Option, Consider Surrogacy


The inability to carry your own child is frustrating and heartbreaking, but you do have options. One of the best is gestational surrogacy. What is gestational surrogacy? It’s when a woman who has no genetic connection to you carries a baby for you.

The pregnancy is typically achieved through in vitro fertilization, using the intended parents’ sperm and egg or with either or both from a donor. This also means the gestational carrier will have no genetic connection to the baby.

Why Surrogacy?

There are many reasons adoption is a wonderful option, but surrogacy provides the opportunity to have a child with your own genetic material in many cases. You’re also able to ensure the gestational carrier receives good prenatal care, which is not always the case in adoption.

Who uses a gestational surrogate?

Infertility is not the only reason to consider surrogacy. Creating a family through gestational surrogacy is also a smart choice for other people, including:

  • Same sex couples
  • Single intended parents
  • Women unable to carry a pregnancy to term

How can you begin your surrogacy journey?

The best way to get started is with a surrogacy agency. They can guide you successfully through the process and around the obstacles you may encounter. A surrogacy agency can help you navigate:

  • Selecting a gestational surrogate
  • Drafting a surrogacy contract
  • Understanding expenses & insurance
  • Facilitating ongoing communication

… all the little details that make a successful surrogacy journey.

If you have any questions about what is involved in gestational surrogacy, the experts at Surrogate Solutions will be happy to answer them for you. Each of our staff members has been a part of their own surrogacy journey, either as a gestational surrogate or an intended parent. We would love to talk to you about what to expect and address any concerns you may have. The caring professionals at Surrogate Solutions understand what you are going through, and we would be happy to discuss how you can have a family of your own through gestational surrogacy. Contact the staff at Surrogate Solutions today.

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