Congrats – You’re Having Multiples! (Don’t Panic)


There are endless books, blogs and videos for expectant parents that talk about what to expect when one new baby arrives. But what happens when you find out your gestational surrogate is carrying twins, triplets or more? Multiples are not uncommon in surrogacy, and it’s natural to freak out when you hear the news. But take a deep breath and start planning now, because pretty soon, you’ll be parents with multiple blessings.

Call All Hands on Deck

Gather your friends and family and tell them it won’t just be one baby entering the world, but two (or three, or more). Let them know you’re going to be overwhelmed and you will need help, especially in the beginning. You and your partner may want lots of time alone with your new babies, but this is the time to ask for and accept all the help you can get. If you can afford it, you may also wish to hire a nurse to help with the babies and accompany you to pediatrician visits, and a housekeeper to help keep up with chores and cooking when the babies come home.

Stock up on Supplies

Going to the store is difficult with one baby. It’s even more complicated with multiple babies. Make sure you are stocked up on diapers and supplies. Store and stack those supplies wherever you can find room. “Running to the store to buy diapers” takes on new meaning if you need to buy three boxes at a time and your spouse is at home with a brood of unhappy babies. It also helps to sign up for auto-delivery of things like diapers and wipes from Amazon once the babies arrive. That way, you don’t have to think about them, they just show up at your door.

Join Support Groups

Your friends will try to be supportive and talk about raising multiple children of different ages, but the only people who really know what you’ll be going through are other parents of multiples. Thankfully, there are organizations that offer support for expectant and new parents of multiples. Spend time visiting websites and social media groups to find one where you feel welcome and comfortable.

Be Ready for an Early Birth

Multiples often arrive before their due date, so do not delay in preparing your home. In some cases, the babies may need to stay in the hospital or even the NICU for a few days or weeks to build up their strength, so you’ll want to prepare for this possibility as well by packing a suitcase, developing backup plans and talking to your boss and HR department at work.

Expectant parents of multiples need all the support they can get. If you are considering surrogacy to grow your family, we invite you to contact the experienced team at Surrogate Solutions today. We have helped many families prepare for multiple births, and we look forward to assisting you.

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