Surrogacy in Washington State: How the New Law Impacts You

Good news for potential gestational surrogates in Washington state and those who would like to work with a surrogate from Washington to create their families. Washington passed the Uniform Parentage Act, signing it into law in March. The law will take effect on January 1, 2019.

The new state law gives individuals who are struggling with infertility new options to create their families. The state has previously allowed “altruistic surrogacy,” but the new law opens the door for surrogates to be compensated as they are in other states where it is legal.

What does this mean for intended parents?

If you are looking to start your family, contact a surrogacy agency to see what your options are. Your OB/GYN or reproductive endocrinologist may be able to refer you to a local agency. Because it may take a while for Washington-based surrogacy agencies to establish themselves and get a track record of success, you may want to consider traveling to another state.

Agencies in states where gestational surrogacy has been legal for years will have more experience. They will know the best practices to keep the surrogacy journey moving smoothly. They will know how to avoid common pitfalls because they have seen it all before.

What does this mean for gestational surrogates?

Women of Washington who have always wanted to act as gestational surrogate, or those who are curious about the process, now have the option to do so in their own state. Don’t hesitate to investigate your options as far as becoming a surrogate in other states as well.

The new state law puts significant protections in place for gestational surrogates, such as limiting women to acting as surrogate only twice. It is also forbidden to enter into a contract in which “an unemancipated minor female or a female diagnosed as having an intellectual disability, a mental illness or developmental disability is the surrogate mother.”

Whether you are considering working with a gestational surrogate to create your family or are interested in becoming one, you probably have a lot of questions. The experienced team at Surrogate Solutions will be happy to be a resource for you.

If you are looking for additional information on gestational surrogacy, please contact us at Surrogate Solutions today!

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