Gaining Support: Getting Your Family on Board With Your Surrogacy Journey


When you undergo your initial screening with a surrogacy agency, you may be surprised they have so many questions about the support you get at home. That’s because your surrogacy journey can go much more smoothly when you know your friends, family and spouse have your back.

You may think this journey is yours alone, but it really does take a team. You may find you:

  • don’t have your normal energy level;
  • need more help around the house or with your children; or
  • may not earn as much income as you are accustomed to.

Consider your spouse

It will be easier for you if your friends and family can be there for you, but it’s especially important that your spouse is supportive. Put yourself in your spouse’s shoes to understand their concerns and how you can gain their support.

Surrogacy agencies will typically not move forward with you in the surrogacy process until your spouse is on board. Your pregnancy will affect them as well, so it’s important you make the decision together.

  • They will be required to undergo medical testing and psychological screening.
  • They may have to pick up the slack if you are traveling, fatigued or on bed rest.
  • They can be worried about your physical and emotional health and the impact on your family.
  • You may need to refrain from sexual activity while you are on fertility medications or experiencing complications.

Keep communicating

You can’t address what they are feeling unless you know about it. Keep an open line of engagement with your spouse.

  • Listen to their concerns without judgement.
  • Explain why becoming a surrogate is so important to you.
  • Discuss what they can expect in the months to come.

You’ll be traveling this journey together, so it’s important to treat each other with understanding and support. To learn more about helping your spouse, friends and family understand what an important part of your surrogacy journey they are, see our previous posts:

For more information on gaining family and spousal support during surrogacy, please contact Surrogate Solutions today!




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