Phaedra’s Story


Phaedra is one of our Surrogacy Coordinators in Tampa, Florida. She first heard about surrogacy in her early 20’s, well before she ever had children of her own. She vividly remembers seeing a news segment about the scientific process and being fascinated by how helpful this would be for those in need and a little seed was planted in her heart. Ten years later, she was a new mother and watching some close friends struggle with infertility. She felt a pull in her heart and knew she could help them become parents. After some very deep conversations with her husband, they agreed she would offer to be their surrogate. Unfortunately, their friends weren’t ready and while that little seed of desire to help wasn’t able to grow, it didn’t go away. Several years and two more children later, Phaedra’s family was complete and she knew it was time for her to fulfill that desire in her heart. With the support of her husband, she began looking into how to become a surrogate mother so she could help another family.

Since Phaedra had not personally known anyone that had been or even considered being a surrogate, she went online and began to research. When she came across Surrogate Solutions, she loved the fact that it was run by women that had all been surrogates themselves. They knew exactly what the process would be like and provided excellent education and support. She was matched with a wonderful couple and began her journey. After an upsetting early loss following the first embryo transfer, she experienced the same pain that she knew the Intended Parents had felt during their years of struggle and she was determined to continue and tried again. The next transfer was a success, in fact it was a double success. She carried and delivered twins making this amazing couple into a family of four. Phaedra absolutely loved everything about her surrogacy journey. The personal relationship she developed with her couple was life altering and she still visits them in nearby Orlando. Yet, that desire to help did not cease but continued to grow as she discovered that she now desired to help even more couples.

As she had begun her initial research into surrogacy, she discovered many social media groups in which she became involved and even started a local one of her own. She remains active in the surrogacy community offering support wherever she can with surrogates and IPs she’s met along the way. Just as her heart was asking her to do more, Phaedra’s former coordinator at Surrogate Solutions recognized her passion and approached her about a position with the agency. She was honored to be able to join the same team that helped her first dream come to fruition and was now giving her the opportunity to live her second dream of continuing to help others make their own dreams come true. Since becoming a part of the Surrogate Solutions team, her love for surrogacy has grown even stronger. She loves sharing information and educating surrogates and Ips with her experience, while guiding them on their own journeys.

Phaedra is saddened when she sees how many people never know surrogacy as an option because of the perceived embarrassment with the struggle to conceive. She hopes that in years to come infertility will continue to be more openly discussed so that people needing a third party to expand their family will recognize the beautiful possibility of surrogacy. Phaedra’s hope is that her work in the surrogacy community can help take the stigma of infertility away and encourage others to be more open to help because the beauty of seeing people become parents is indescribable.




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