Is it Better to Work With a Local Surrogacy Agency? Or One With Larger Reach?

If you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate, there are a lot of things to consider. You’ll have plenty of questions and need advice and support. Your best resource for both is your surrogacy agency. But you may wonder, does it matter if you use a local agency or a national one with a wide reach?

Here are a few factors to consider.

Regional or Local Surrogacy Agencies

If you go with a local agency, it may give you a degree of comfort. They’ll be easy to get a hold of and visit and will understand concerns that are particular to the region. They will know the local, county and state laws that can impact your surrogacy.

A local agency will allow you to meet in person when you need to. If you do decide to work with an agency that is not nearby, find out what the plan is for communicating and travel.

National Surrogacy Agencies

A national agency will know laws across all states in which they operate and have connections with a larger number and variety of service providers you may work with from reproductive endocrinologist to attorneys.

You may not be comfortable traveling in your late pregnancy. Will the agency know doctors, hospitals or birthing centers in your area to provide guidance on which ones to use to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy?

The goal for you as a surrogate is to have a safe and happy pregnancy journey. To achieve this, you need an agency that gives you confidence. You need to know they are as concerned about your needs as they are with those of the intended parents.

How Can You Choose?

While there are pros and cons to local or national agencies, the important thing is to choose the best agency you can find. Location is less important than confidence you are doing what’s best for you, the baby and the intended parents. The best agency will know how to deal with any problems that arise no matter where they are located, and know how to anticipate as many issues as possible.

Choose the surrogacy agency that is right for you, no matter where it is located. Consider your own needs and wants and get the facts from each agency before you make your decision.

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