Requirements to Become a Gestational Carrier in Oklahoma

Making the decision to become a Gestational Surrogate means you are giving the gift of a child to a couple who otherwise may never know the joy of becoming parents. With infertility statistics in the United States on the rise, caring and compassionate women are needed more than ever to help others achieve their dream of having a family of their own. While reaching this decision with your family is the first critical step in beginning your Surrogacy journey, certain requirements must be met to officially become a surrogate in Oklahoma, including:

  • Preliminary application. To begin the process, a potential Surrogate must complete a preliminary application online. If she qualifies, she will be invited to complete a more comprehensive application.
  • Age range. Surrogates must be between the ages of 21 and 45 and have at least one child of their own.
  • Background check. Every potential Surrogate must undergo both a criminal and psychological background check.
  • IP review. Once the Surrogate has met all requirements, her applications have been reviewed and her file is complete, her profile will be presented to the Intended Parents for review.
  • Match meeting. When a potential Surrogate is selected by the Intended Parents, a meeting will be arranged by the agency to ensure both parties are a good match for each other.

When both parties agree on the match, contracts will be drafted and the next steps in the Surrogacy journey can begin. Gayle and her team of experts at Surrogate Solutions find joy in helping both parties navigate their Surrogacy journey to make it a smooth and memorable process for all involved.

To determine if you meet the requirements to become a surrogate in Oklahoma, have questions answered or simply learn more about the Surrogacy process, do not hesitate to contact Surrogate Solutions today!


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