What is Gestational Surrogacy?

Pregnancy is a very special time for many women. Even after one’s family is complete, it is not uncommon for some women to express how much they enjoyed being pregnant in the past and even miss it. For women who have had healthy, enjoyable pregnancies, yet recognize they are finished having children of their own, gestational surrogacy can be a wonderful way to help others create the family of their dreams while going through an experience they already love.

Unlike traditional surrogacy, a gestational surrogate has no genetic relationship to the child she is carrying. In the gestational surrogacy journey, the intended mother, or egg donor, will undergo a traditional IVF cycle to create embryos using the sperm of the intended father, or sperm donor, that will then be transferred to the surrogate.  Once the IVF transfer is complete and successful, the gestational Surrogate will carry the baby to term, give birth and release the baby from the hospital to the Intended Parents.

While each Surrogate’s journey, desire, and reason for becoming a Surrogate is unique, several wonderful benefits accompany the decision to become a gestational surrogate. These include:

  • Excellent healthcare. Your surrogacy agency will be there with you every step of your journey to ensure you receive top medical care before, during, and after the pregnancy. Your agency will also help with communications with your physicians and lawyers to make sure your surrogacy journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible.
  • Financial compensation. The time, effort and care it takes to become a gestational surrogate does not go unrecognized. Your dedication and time will be well compensated as well as your out-of-pocket expenses before and after the birth. The exact dollar amount will vary from state to state and your agency will see to it you are well compensated for your act of love and generosity.
  • Achieving dreams. By making the decision to become a gestational surrogate, you are giving Intended Parents the best gift they could ever receive. Through your generosity, you are able to help couples who battle infertility, single parents and same-sex couples achieve their dreams of having their own family – something they would otherwise be unable to do on their own.

It takes a very special person to become a gestational surrogate, and many Intended Parents are looking to find that special person. Whether you are ready to begin your surrogacy journey or want to learn more about the surrogacy process, Surrogate Solutions is here to help. To ask questions or request specific information, contact our team of caring Surrogacy experts at Surrogate Solutions today!

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