Gestational Surrogacy in Oklahoma: 5 Signs of a Great Agency

For Intended Parents and Surrogates alike, one common requirement is necessary before beginning the journey of surrogacy: locating and working with a great, reputable surrogacy agency. While many couples and individuals come to the conclusion that surrogacy is the right solution for them, the medical, legal, and matching details can be overwhelming or slip through the cracks altogether. This is exactly why finding the right agency is so imperative. Throughout your search, you’re likely to come across a few agencies of interest, so be sure to look for the following points:

  1. Trusted experts for your area. One of the first criteria to look for in choosing a surrogacy agency is that they have experience and a great reputation in the state. Partnering with an agency who has worked alongside surrogates and intended parents in your area is valued. Not only will they have insight about the state’s laws, because they have walked this journey previously they are able to guide you through the process through their proven expertise and insight.
  2. Positive testimonials. In our digital age of technology, it is easy for us to find reviews of almost any business right at our fingertips. Utilize the power of the internet when researching specific Surrogacy agencies, but also take your research one step further by asking each agency of interest to provide their own testimonials from previous Surrogates and Intended Parents. A reputable agency will have these testimonials on hand and be happy to share them with you.
  3. Specific numbers. As the old saying goes, numbers do not lie. Ask your agency to provide concrete figures including how many years the agency has been in business, how many clients (Surrogates and Intended Parents alike) they have helped, and the percentage of Surrogates that successfully achieve pregnancy. As with testimonials, the right agency will be transparent about these numbers.
  4. Strong networks. The surrogacy journey takes a village, and a great agency will be able to tell you about the team they partner with in detail. Certain key players include (but are not limited to) legal specialists, therapists, and fertility clinics. Find out who the agency is working with and present them with the same sets of questions you are asking the agency.
  5. Individual consultation. Each surrogacy journey is unique, and you’re likely to have your own set of questions not covered here you will still want to have answered. A caring and trustworthy agency will take the time to have a one-on-one conversation with you to discuss your desires and questions to truly understand what you need in your journey and how to best match you.

When choosing the Oklahoma Surrogacy agency that is right for you, make sure you understand your own needs and wants and are able to get the facts upfront from each agency of interest. Surrogate Solutions prides itself on being a top surrogacy agency in Oklahoma due in part to its strong success rate and compassionate team of surrogacy experts. If you’re looking to partner with Oklahoma’s best surrogacy agency, contact Surrogate Solutions today!

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