Zika Virus and Gestational Surrogacy

As the Zika virus continues to spread through the United States, many Intended Parents find themselves facing new concerns in regard to starting or expanding a family safely. Although no treatment or vaccine for the Zika virus currently exists, recent updates from the CDC suggest that women in countries affected by the Zika virus do not need to forgo pregnancy and can safely pursue gestational surrogacy. If you are considering gestational surrogacy to expand your own family or becoming a surrogate yourself, consider discussing the following points with your agency and physician before beginning your journey:

  • Who is at risk for contracting the Zika virus? The Zika virus is contracted by mosquito bites. Pregnant women are most at risk for contracting the virus and can pass it along to the fetus. While the Zika virus results in a mild fever in adults, it is linked to miscarriage and birth defects such as microcephaly and brain malformation.
  • How can the Zika virus be prevented? Mosquito-borne illnesses are dependent on the breeding cycle of mosquitoes. The best way to take preventative action against contracting the Zika virus without avoiding pregnancy is to align the first few months of pregnancy with seasonal declines in mosquito activity.
  • What should I do to safely plan for my surrogacy journey? Whether you are an IP or a Surrogate, speak openly about your concerns and geographic risk factor with both your physician and surrogacy agency. Together, you can come up with a preventative action plan for the timing of your IVF transfer that will put you at as little risk as possible.

While we are still learning about the Zika virus every day, it is important to recognize that taking the correct steps and planning properly can help ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy. Ask your physician about this and all health concerns you might have to discuss how they will impact you personally. If you have questions about gestational surrogacy in your state, do not hesitate to contact Surrogate Solutions today!


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