Battling Illness During Your Gestational Surrogacy: 8 Tips

Although Gestational Surrogacy is a very special kind of pregnancy, Surrogates do not become immune to common pregnancy risks. While all Surrogates we match with Intended Parents are in superior health and have all carried happy, healthy babies, illness during Gestational Surrogacy is still a real possibility. If you find yourself experiencing illness during your Surrogacy journey, consider these eight important tips to help provide peace of mind for your Intended Parents as well as for yourself.

  1. Eat right. One of the best ways to avoid illness and speed up the recovery process when you fall ill is to prioritize healthy eating. Getting the right nutrition is the easiest way to keep your body healthy throughout your surrogacy journey.
  2. Vitamins and supplements. In addition to eating right, make sure you are staying on top of your vitamins, probiotics, and supplements throughout the duration of your gestational surrogacy. While they may not prevent you from getting sick 100 percent of the time, they can expedite the process of getting you back to feeling like yourself!
  3. Get your rest. Growing a life is tiring work! Getting the right amount of rest will help boost your immune system and can help shorten your period of illness.
  4. Stay hydrated. A continual flow of fluids aids in hydration and is absolutely essential to a healthy body, especially during pregnancy.
  5. Work with your doctor. Your doctor’s primary goal is to help you have the safest and healthiest pregnancy possible. Speak openly with your doctor if you begin feeling ill, especially if you are losing sleep, missing meals, or not feeling better within a few days.
  6. Lean on your family. Your surrogacy journey is a shared journey and your family is your greatest support system. Let them know when you are not feeling well, and how they can help.
  7. Communicate with your IPs. Even if you don’t want to alarm them with what may be a fleeting cold, keep your IPs in the loop when you are feeling ill. They will appreciate your openness and may even be able to offer some help or boost your spirits while you’re recuperating.
  8. Keep your agency in the loop. Your Surrogacy agency has worked with many Gestational Surrogates and IPs and has plenty of experience in many situations. Whether you are unsure of how to tell your IPs you aren’t feeling well, or if you think you may need a specialized consultation with a physician, let your agency know. They are always here to help!

Getting sick is never fun, especially during Gestational Surrogacy. Although it is common for the immune system to weaken during pregnancy, following the above suggestions will help you stay healthy, get back to being healthy, and return your peace of mind if you do become ill. To learn more about maintaining a happy and healthy Gestational Surrogacy journey, contact the experts at Surrogate Solutions today!

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