Talking About Your Expected Child

As an intended parent you are as excited about your new arrival as any other parent. But many factors can cause you hesitate about talking openly about your growing family.

Who can you talk to About the Pregnancy?

You probably want to shout the news about your expected child from the rooftops, especially if you have gone through a protracted period of infertility treatments and heartbreak. But, people can have strong feelings about surrogacy, especially if they lack an understanding of surrogacy or are set in their ways.

Give close family members who may have reservations only the need-to-know basics. Save the details for members of your circle that you can trust to share your excitement. People may have questions. It’s up to you which ones you are comfortable answering.

Common Misconceptions About Surrogacy.

If you have been dealing with infertility for a while, you’ve probably heard it all before – you just need to relax, boxers vs. briefs – the list can go on and on when people are “trying to be helpful.”

A Few Things To Reassure The Reluctant On:

The surrogate will have no genetic relationship to the baby. If you are working with a gestational surrogate, all genetic material comes from the intended parents, so the surrogate is essentially your child’s first babysitter.

The surrogate will not want to keep the baby. She has been screened for physical and emotional health. The chances of her wanting to keep the baby are close to non-existent. The legal protections that are in place further serve to ensure that the baby will be coming home with you.

The surrogate is only in it for the money. No one ever got rich from being a gestational career and as mentioned above, they are thoroughly screened for fitness – physical, mental and financial.

When Can You Talk About the Baby?

If you have experienced disappointment attempting to conceive and carry children previously, you know how difficult it can be when your friends and family get excited about an anticipated addition to your family only to have something go wrong.

Think about having an inner circle of people that you can tell about every step in the process from your initial decision. Others you may want to loop in once you have a successful transfer. Still others you may not inform until after the first trimester.

Discuss Your Concerns With The Experts.

Want to learn more about working with a surrogate? Contact the experts at Surrogate Solutions. They have helped many families successfully navigate their surrogacy journey and they would love to help you as well.

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