How to Find a Reputable Surrogacy Agency in Florida

Although once thought of as solely an option for high-profile couples and celebrities, gestational surrogacy is now a widely regarded solution for many aspiring families. While many Intended Parents have made their dreams of starting their own family come true through gestational surrogacy, it is imperative to work with a reputable surrogacy agency to handle all the behind the scenes details from contracts to attorneys to financials and most importantly, finding the best match between Intended Parents and Surrogate! If you have made the decision to officially begin your surrogacy journey, it is important to recognize that not all surrogacy agencies are created equally. When searching for a reputable surrogacy agency in Florida, be sure to consider the following:

  • Referrals and testimonials. When looking into potential surrogacy agencies to work with, consider asking for testimonials from Intended Parents and Surrogates alike. These are the people who have gone through their journey from start to finish with the agency and will be able to tell you everything along the way and answer any questions you may have.
  • Online research. In this digital age we live in, most surrogacy agencies have a strong online presence. Check to make sure the agency you are researching is in good standing both legally and ethically. You have the right to know everything about the agency you may potentially work with, so be sure to check multiple sites, databases and reviews.
  • Know what you want. Do you want a surrogacy agency that will support you with frequent communication throughout your entire journey, or are you looking for an agency that is a little less involved? Knowing what you want is key. However, at the very least, make sure any prospective agency is transparent about their fees, screening processes, and has a great reputation.

Choosing the best surrogacy agency in Florida is an important task, but it does not have to be a daunting one! Surrogate Solutions recognizes the road to building a family can be challenging and is passionate about guiding Intended Parents and Surrogates throughout their journey. If you are looking to learn more about finding a reputable surrogacy agency in Florida, contact the knowledgeable and experienced surrogacy experts at Surrogate Solutions today!



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