Preparing for All Situations: Selective Reduction and Gestational Surrogacy

One of the heavier topics that Intended Parents and Surrogates need to discuss openly with each other, with their agency and in their contract is their thoughts and wishes when it comes to selective reduction. Although the topic is an unpleasant one, it is imperative to discuss these issues right from the beginning of the matching process before the contract is written. Due to the unique and sensitive climate of gestational surrogacy, many IPs may not even be familiar with the selective reduction process, only adding to the importance of discussing it.

Because multiple embryos are transferred to a Surrogate’s womb during the IVF transfer process, Surrogates are much more likely to carry twins, triplets or more than women experiencing traditional pregnancies. Where multiple baby pregnancies are involved, odds increase for premature deliveries and health issues. As the number of babies increases, so do the risks, which is why some IPs and Surrogates prefer the option of selective reduction to help minimize these potential risks. The hope and goal in selective reduction is to bring one or two happy and healthy babies to term with a smooth delivery.

Most surrogacy contracts will specify terms and conditions regarding selective reduction. Before being matched, the IPs and Surrogate must be absolutely certain that their views are shared. Working closely with your attorneys and agency can help ensure your contract contains the information you are comfortable with and can help protect you during the best and worst case scenarios.

Even when multiple babies do not come into play, it is still vital for IPs and Surrogates to discuss their views on pregnancy termination to ensure all potential issues are covered before entering the Surrogacy journey together. Asking and answering the tough questions now and being aware of your own stance on them will help pave the way for a smooth and enjoyable surrogacy journey for everyone involved. Surrogate Solutions works closely with each and every Intended Parent and Surrogate to truly get to know you before suggesting a match.

If you are looking for additional information on surrogacy or are looking to begin your own surrogacy journey, contact the trusted professionals at Surrogate Solutions today!

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