A Surrogacy Journey

Our Journey
By Katy Encalade

This story is near and dear to my heart because, for the first time, I did not watch from afar the light in a family’s eyes as their son was born, but rather I was blessed to watch it first hand as their gestational carrier.
Day in and day out I work with couples and individuals who would like to build their family. I do it more from the egg donor side, but I do work with families who also need a surrogate/gestational carrier. Many people asked me, ‘’Why did you decide to be a Surrogate?’’ In the beginning I often replied with, ‘’I figured, why not? I am a healthy woman, with relatively easy pregnancies, and my husband and I are done building our family.’’ I came into the process just to help. What I received was so much more.
In short, here is a recap of our journey……

July 2014- I decided I wanted to be a surrogate and applied with Surrogate Solutions
September 2014- My family and I met with Kendall and Will
November 2014- Transfer
December 2014- We are pregnant!
April 2015- I ate Bluebell Ice cream, was exposed to listeria, got sick, and was hospitalized. Everything was a bit more touch-and-go from there, but we made it through to 38 weeks with no other issues.
July 2015- Sweet Little Pace was born happy and healthy to his proud mom and dad!

Through our almost-year-long journey, my family and I were blessed to grow from a family of five to have an extended family of eight. Will, Kendall, and Pace will always be a part of our lives, if not in person, always in our hearts. This process taught us to love unconditionally, be thankful, and to look for ways to bless others even when it may not be the ‘’norm’’.
I am not naive to think that all journeys end as ours did and that all journeys do not have their hurdles, but I am so thankful that this is Our Journey. I am so grateful to Surrogate Solutions and their team for matching me with a wonderful family and walking us through this amazing journey.

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