How to Pick an Egg Donor

As discussed in an earlier article, egg donation can prove to be the perfect solution for families who are capable of carrying a baby, but are unable to conceive with their own eggs. For many Intended Parents, making the decision to work with an egg donor is easy; selecting an egg donor is the hard part. With so many factors to consider during the egg donor selection process, it is imperative to think about what qualities mean the most to you and your partner. Some of the most important qualities to consider include:

  • Physical appearance. For many Intended Parents, physical appearance can be a very important consideration. Sometimes, childhood pictures of a donor are available to give you a sense of what the donor looks like without compromising the donor’s anonymity (in the case of an anonymous donor versus a known donor).
  • Medical history. When reviewing donor profiles, it is crucial to evaluate their medical history carefully. Certain factors in a male’s medical history make some donors more compatible than others, so be sure to research how the donor’s medical history could combine with your own family’s history.
  • Blood type. When choosing to work with an anonymous egg donor, it can be advantageous to match your blood type with the donor’s. This will allow you to donate blood to your child should the need ever arise, while also affording you greater privacy.
  • Instincts. When reviewing donor profiles, it can be easy to get caught up in finding someone who matches everything on your checklists. Feeling a connection is important, so try to listen to your gut rather than focusing too much on one specific trait.

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