The Integral Role of Your Nursery: Bonding With Baby before Birth


Many Intended Parents worry about bonding with their baby during surrogacy. How is it possible to bond if you are not carrying your baby through pregnancy yourself? While this is a common concern amongst many Intended Parents, rest assured that bonding with your baby will come very naturally once he or she is in your arms. With this said, there are still many other ways to bond with your baby before he or she is born, perhaps the most integral of these being the nesting process.

Even when you are not physically carrying your child through pregnancy, waiting for your baby to be born is both an exciting and anxious time! One of the best ways to put these new feelings into pre-birth bonding with your baby is getting the nursery ready for his or her arrival. Preparing your nursery is a very personal activity, one that further instills feelings that your baby will soon be part of your family.  Remember, when your baby arrives, you will be the center of his or her universe, and that universe will be centered largely in the nursery. Consider this basic outline to begin bonding with your baby by preparing a calm and comfortable space for both of you:

  • Design. Whether you have chosen to learn your baby’s gender ahead of time or be surprised when they are born, it helps to choose a central theme to use as a starting point for planning and decorating the nursery. Even if you do not have a main focus or idea, it helps to begin with one element to use as your starting point, even if that element is a wallpaper or fabric sample. This will help keep you on track with a color scheme and overall tone.
  • Furniture. Your newborn’s needs for furniture will be very simple. Their first bed should consist of a firm, flat mattress and a safe enclosure where he or she will feel protected and secure. You will also want to look into investing in a changing table or other sturdy, flat surface you can cover with a towel or pad. If possible, try to secure your table or surface to the wall.
  • Safety. Keeping your home safe for your baby will be an ongoing and ever-changing process. What better time to begin than while you prepare your nursery? Install covers for any electrical outlets that will be within reach for baby and look for any choking hazards as well as anything else that could be dangerous to a small child. Additionally, cabinet locks should be installed to keep your baby out of areas where you store cleaning supplies, medicine, or other chemicals.

It is never too early to begin building an environment that is safe, comfortable, nurturing, and loving for your baby to be! Doing so not only helps you prepare for his or her arrival – it helps you begin building your bond that will last a lifetime! Surrogate Solutions understands the rollercoaster of emotions both Surrogates and Intended Parents experience during the special and exciting journey of gestational surrogacy. If you are looking for additional information or resources on how surrogacy can help you have the family of your dreams, do not hesitate to contact the caring professionals at Surrogate Solutions today!

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