Handling Emergencies During Gestational Surrogacy

At various points throughout your life, emergencies will arise. They will not wait for it to become convenient for you or fit into your schedule; rather, they seem to occur during the most inconvenient times. From a family crisis or the death of a loved one, changes in employment, or even a medical emergency while you are pregnant, life tends to throw some curve balls you are unable to prepare for in advance, and often, there is no easy method for handling them.

Although surrogacy is a very special time for the Surrogate and Intended Parents as well as their friends and families alike, it is not a period of time immune to life’s emergencies and surprises. While it is impossible to prepare for everything, it is responsible and smart to devise a strategy to turn to in the event of an unexpected emergency during your gestational surrogacy.  Emergencies can often be hectic and full of chaos so be sure to keep the following in mind at minimum:

  • Immediate communication. Honest and immediate communication should be the first and most important step in the event of any emergency during your surrogacy. Depending on the situation, you will want to notify your IPs, physician, agency, or all of the above. Throughout your surrogacy, you will be very much intertwined in each other’s lives and during an unplanned situation, it is better to provide too much communication to the other parties involved, rather than too little.

  • Legal contract. The legal contract you agree upon and sign with your attorney, IPs, and agency can be your strongest protection against the unknown. In the event of a medical emergency, most potential situations and emergencies should be addressed and included in your contract. In addition to your agency, this will be your best resource to fall back upon if you need help or guidance in making a difficult decision.

With the help of your agency, your surrogacy journey should be a smooth and happy experience for everyone involved; however, there are some situations no one can plan for in advance. By working closely with your agency and devising a worst case scenario plan to consult, you can make sure you are as prepared as possible, no matter what life may throw your way during your gestational surrogacy. If you are looking for additional resources or surrogacy legal contract information, contact the surrogacy experts at Surrogate Solutions today!

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